A Guide To Landlord Insurance

What Cover Does It Provide

Having landlord insurance is a priority for both you and your tenant as it provides you with cover should anything happen to the property you are renting out.

  • Child Playing Indoors

    What is Accidental Damage Cover?

    Adding Some Extra Home Protection.

    Have you ever accidentally spilled paint on the carpet or have the kids put a football through a window? Accidents can happen which is why you need accidental damage cover.

  • Man Demonstrating Dangers Of Christmas Lights

    5 Christmas Decoration Dangers

    Dangers in the home at Christmas time.

    Unattended Christmas trees and lights can cause issues such as fires and over heating of sockets. We got a list of 5 dangers that you need to be aware of.

  • hands-heating-around-electric-heater

    Reduce Home Heating Costs

    5 ways to lower home heating costs

    Did you know that 70% of Irish people endured a cold winter by choice in 2013 due to the trying to reduce heating costs in the home .

  • Hands Protecting A House

    House Or Home Insurance

    Which do you need to take out

    Home insurance is an all encompassing term that covers a number of different places where a person might live like a house, a bungalow, an apartment or even a country manner.

  • Couple Painting A Living Room Which Has House Insurance From Chill Insurance

    Revamping Your Home

    With Our Cost Effective Tips

    Deciding what home remodeling projects to undertake can be a difficult decision due to time and costs. We've got some tips on how to decide what your options are.

  • Feet at Fireplace

    Heating Up Your Home

    Tips on Home Heating Efficiency

    Keeping your home warm and comfortable during the winter can be costly. We look at how being energy aware short term can be financially beneficial in the long term.

  • Listed Buildings in Dublin

    New Cover for Property Owners

    Insurance for Unusual Buildings

    Do you own an unusual property? Have you ever struggled to find insurance for it? If so, you’ll be delighted to hear that we now offer cover specifically aimed at landlords.

  • Row of Modern Houses

    Underinsurance Explained

    Why You Should Avoid It!

    It can be tempting to consider underinsuring your home, but it’s really important you take out the right level of cover. Read on to find out why.