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Free Lounge Access For Delayed Flights

Enjoy instant airport lounge access when your flight is delayed by more than 3 hours. Real-Time Flight Delay provides you with free access to over 1300+ airport lounges worldwide. Relax in peace as you wait to board your flight with complimentary refreshments, newspapers and Wi-Fi. Available to Gold and Platinum customers who register flights ahead of travel. Explore our Flight Delay FAQs to learn more.

Great Value Travel Insurance

At Chill, we can offer you the right level of cover for your annual family holiday, city break or that trip of a lifetime you've been promising yourself to go on for ages.

Customise your trip type, destination, and cover level to get an online travel quote in minutes. Then get back to booking your flights, looking for accommodation, and checking out the best tourist spots.

Everyone wants their holiday to go without a hitch. If something does go awry, like lost luggage or lost cash, our travel insurance has you covered. Planning your dream holiday months in advance or packing last minute? Buy online now and get covered in minutes. It’s that easy.

Single-Trip Policy

Single trip travel insurance is perfect if you’re going on a one-off break. You can take out a single trip policy for yourself, your family, or a group. Everyone travelling will be covered for flight cancellations, lost baggage or passport, and more. Oh and don’t worry if your return flight gets unavoidably delayed - the insurance is automatically extended for the period of your delay.

Annual Multi-Trip Policy

If you’re planning to go on more than one trip in a 12-month period, you might want to consider taking out an annual multi trip policy. Whether you're travelling for business, pleasure, or both, multi trip insurance can save you a lot of money.

Choose Your Destination

Our travel insurance offers a number of destination options. No matter where you plan on exploring, whether it’s a quick trip across the pond or a continental visit we’ve got you covered:

Single Trip

  • United Kingdom & The Channel Islands
  • Europe
  • Worldwide excluding USA & Canada
  • Worldwide including USA & Canada

Multi trip

  • Europe
  • Worldwide including USA & Canada

Planning on multiple destinations within one trip? Choose the option which incorporates all of the countries you’ll be visiting and we’ve got you covered. Check out our European travel insurance if you’re looking for a continental break, worldwide travel insurance if you’re heading further afield, or USA travel insurance if you’re going stateside.

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Family Travel Insurance

Bringing the kids abroad? If they’re under 18 you can include them on your policy for no extra charge*. If you’re planning multiple trips this year you can get family travel insurance on an annual multi trip basis so everyone is covered.

If it’s a once off family holiday choose the single trip option. Family holidays tend to be more expensive, you’re bringing more people after all, so make sure you’ve the right level of cover for your loved ones.

*Provided there are no medical conditions.

Get The Right Cover Level

There are three levels of cover you can choose when taking out a travel policy with us:

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

The higher your cover level, the more you will be compensated should something go wrong. Some common items such as missed departure , personal luggage, and cancellations are covered by all policy levels. Other items like card fraud are only covered by gold and platinum.

Get a quote now and compare the cover levels to pick the right policy for you and those travelling with you.

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Medical Cover

We never want to use medical cover on our holidays but it’s better to be prepared in the event you need it. Our policy levels outline the coverage for a number of different medical items. Check it out for yourself.

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Student Travel Insurance

Planning on island hopping? Cover for multiple destinations in one trip is ideal for students. You can get student travel insurance for yourself or your holiday group by adding your friends to your policy. .

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Enhanced Travel Protection With Covid-19 Cover

The way we have travelled has changed but you can still enjoy peace of mind with a travel policy from Chill. Book your trip and travel with confidence knowing that all of our travel policies include Covid-19 Medical and Cancellation Cover as standard.

Check our FAQ section to read more about our enhanced Covid-19 cover.

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