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Why Choose Chill?

If you’re looking for affordable car insurance in Ireland, you’ve come to the right place. As one of Ireland’s leading brokers, Chill takes the hassle out of car insurance comparisons and does all the hard work for you.

Our Customers Save €195 On Average

Average annual saving for drivers who switched to Chill.*

Save Time And Effort

It’s easy to compare 14 different insurers and buy online with Chill.

Thousands Of 5* Reviews

Backed by 2000+ 5 star independent Trustpilot reviews that you can trust.

Irish Customer Support

We’re based right here in Dublin, so you’ll know we’ll always have your back. Our friendly team are here for you always, whether you need to make a claim or update your policy.

Up to 67% No Claims Discount

If you have 6+ years with No Claims then you can get 67% off your car insurance^

Breakdown Assistance and Windscreen Cover included

All of our standard policies include Breakdown Assistance and Windscreen Cover, giving you extra peace of mind.

* Savings based on survey of new customers who switched to Chill and participated in survey. Survey of 530 customers conducted in January 2023. Savings may vary.

^ 67% No Claim Discount only available on policies provided by KennCo Underwriting Limited.

Car Insurance Companies

In order to get you on the road with the right insurance policy, we work with 14 reputable and trusted insurance providers.

Each one is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland to give you peace of mind, and we use them to find you the best car insurance deals.

Our insurers include Allianz, Axa, Liberty and Zurich.

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No Hanging Around

If you need car insurance right now, we can get you a quote in no time. We also cover young drivers, novice drivers and learner permit holders and make car insurance more affordable with easy payment plans.

Comparing car insurance quotes on our website takes just moments. All you have to do is enter your car’s details into our online quote form and then leave the rest to us. We’ll search our panel of insurers to present you with the best options in an easy-to-understand, transparent way.

What type of car insurance do I need?

With the various types of car insurance policies to choose from, it can be difficult to understand which one is right for you.

Comprehensive insurance (also sometimes known as “fully comp”) is the best type of policy because it covers not only other people and their vehicles, but your own vehicle too. Third-party only covers just other people, and third party, fire and theft also covers your car if it’s stolen or catches fire.

Learn more about the different types of car insurance

What is covered? Comprehensive Third party, fire and theft
The cost of damage to other people and their property Tick Tick
A stolen vehicle Tick Tick
A vehicle damaged by fire Tick Tick
The cost of repairs to your car Tick Tick
The cost if your car is written off Tick Tick
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What Our Customers Say

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Compare Car Insurance Quotes

We bet you didn’t know how easy it is to compare car insurance and find a brand new deal with Chill.

  1. Tell us more about you and your car via our simple online form
  2. Let us know the type of cover you want, from comprehensive to third-party only
  3. Browse the available deals and choose the best one for you!

To help us find you a great car insurance quote as quickly as we can, make sure you have the following details to hand:

  • Your car registration number
  • The value of your car and the date that you purchased it
  • Details of your driving experience or No Claims Discount
  • Details of anyone else you’d like to add to your car insurance policy

How To Get Cheaper Car Insurance

It’s a question we get asked a lot - “how can I reduce my car insurance?”. Below, you can find a few simple tips and tricks that could help.

  1. Park your car in a safe place - parking your vehicle on a private driveway or locked car park could help to reduce your insurance premium
  2. Check your mileage is correct - you are required to tell your insurance provider how many kilometres you drive each year. Check this figure is correct and that you haven’t overestimated it.
  3. Pay annually, not monthly - paying for your insurance monthly can add interest, so annual insurance can be slightly cheaper
  4. Change your car - if you’re due an upgrade, changing your car could help you to get cheaper car insurance. Vehicles that are cheaper to insure are usually those that have lower power, so do your research.
  5. Add a named driver - Adding a named driver can sometimes actually bring your insurance down, so try adding a parent or other family member to your policy.
  6. Compare prices for the best deals - Comparing car insurance quotes with Chill means you'll only have to enter your details once to see quotes from multiple insurers, saving you time and money.

Find out more about how you can reduce the cost of your car insurance.

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost?

This is a tricky question to answer, as it depends on the type of car you have, where it’s parked, how many kilometres you drive, whether you have a No Claims Discount, and so much more.

We've written our Car Insurance Pricing Index to help you compare insurance prices, with a full breakdown of how where you live, your age, what car you drive and more can impact your insurance premiums.

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Car Insurance FAQs

Can I have more than one car insured in my name?

Yes, you can. You can have as many cars insured under your own name as you want.

Can I get an NCT on a car without insurance?

No. In Ireland, a valid insurance certificate is required to complete a National Car Test (NCT).

What is the average cost of car insurance in Ireland?

This varies depending on the drivers experience, make & model of the car, as well as other factors. Read more on how much does car insurance cost in Ireland?.

Are older cars more expensive to insure than newer cars?

In general, older cars are more expensive to insure than newer cars. But this depends on many other factors, including the car's make and model, age, and driver's history.

Can I drive another car under my insurance?

If you have comprehensive insurance, you may be able to drive another car assuming all other requirements are fulfilled. You should check your insurance policy documents to make sure that you are covered.

Can I pay for my car insurance monthly?

Yes, you can pay your car insurance annually or in monthly instalments. You may be charged interest if you choose to pay monthly.

Do male drivers pay more for car insurance?

Statistically, young male drivers tend to pay more for car insurance due to higher accident rates, but rates can vary depending on individual factors.

Do I need car insurance?

Yes, you are required by law to have car insurance to drive a car.

What do the different types of car insurance cover?

Third-party insurance only covers damage to others, Third-party Fire and Theft also covers your vehicle for theft and fire damge. Comprehensive insurance additionally covers the cost of repairs to your own car in most cases. For more details read our guide on the different types of car insurance.

How does the value of my car impact my insurance quote?

As a rule of thumb, the higher the value of the car, the higher the insurance quote. However, there are many exceptions to this rule

How do I update or change my car insurance details?

If you need to amend any of your Chill car insurance policy details you can call us on 01 400 3400 or email

How long do you have to renew your car insurance?

There is no 'Grace Period' when it comes to insurance. Your car insurance must be renewed on or before the expiry date of your policy, or you will be driving without insurance

How do I choose the best car insurance for me?

You should identify your unique needs and find an insurance policy that match your priorities. At Chill, we compare options from up to 14 different insurers and let you easily compare each policy. Get a quote now and we'll try and find the best policy for you.

How does adding named drivers change my car insurance price?

The effect will vary depending on the driver and policy. Generally adding an inexperienced driver will make a policy more expensive. If a policy includes an experienced named driver then the cost could decrease. Named drivers on your policy may also impact which policies are available to you.

Does age affect car insurance prices?

Younger drivers aged 17-29 are usually considered a higher risk to insure, typically due to a lack of driving experience. In general, car insurance premiums will decline as you get older and gain more driving experience. Find out more about how age changes your car insurance price.

How do I make a claim on my car insurance?

To make a claim on your Chill car insurance policy please visit our claims page.

Can I drive a new car without getting insurance?

Legally, you can not drive any car without valid insurance.

What countries does my car insurance cover me in?

Car insurance policies sold in Ireland will extend to a number of countries, including EU countries, but there are rules and expections. Find out all you need to know about international insurance in our What is a green card? article.

Can you get an insurance quote before buying a car?

Yes, our quote form will let you get a car insurance quote as long as you have the cars registration number.

Can I get covered same day?

In most cases we can get you covered on a new car insurance policy same-day. Our quote form only takes a few minutes to complete and you can buy your policy online straight away. If you have any questions our friendly Dublin-based support team will be able to help.

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Making a Claim

Need to make a claim on your car insurance? We're here to help. Give us a call on 01 400 3494 and we'll get your claim started for you.

If you've got a question about the claims process and what's required then read our guide on making a claim.


Is your car insurance up for renewal? If you’re an existing Chill customer, renewing your policy couldn’t be easier. We'll automatically search the market before your renewal is due and find the best deal for you. When your renewal is due you can renew your policy online.

If you wish to change something on your policy before renewing, then get in touch with the Renewals team on 01 400 3494 or email us at You should have your policy reference number to hand.

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Car Insurance Deals For Everyone

We at Chill can find tons of car insurance policies no matter who you are, whether you are a new driver, own an imported car, have an electric car and more. Browse all of our deals below.

First Car Insurance

We can help first time drivers navigate the confusing insurance world. If you’re taking out insurance for the first time, we can explain the type of insurance you might need and find you the best deals in Ireland.

Learn more about first car insurance.

New Driver Insurance

As a new driver, insurance can be expensive, at least until you get more experience and build up your No-Claims Discount. But Chill can give you tips on how to reduce your car insurance premiums and works hard to find you a great deal.

Learn more about new driver insurance.

Young Driver Insurance

Those aged 17 to 24 tend to have higher insurance premiums - if you fall in this bracket, don’t fret, Chill can help you to find the right insurance, at the best price.

Learn more about young driver insurance.

Imported Car Insurance

If you’re moving to Ireland and want to bring your car with you, you might need imported car insurance.

Learn more about getting insurance on imported cars.

Learner Driver Insurance

Still learning to drive? Even though you don’t have a full licence yet, you need to have the right insurance on your vehicle.

Find out more about learner driver insurance.

Over 25s Car Insurance

Over 25? Find the best deal and take a look at car insurance that’s made specifically for those aged 25 and over.

Learn more about over 25s car insurance.

Student Driver Insurance

Chill can help you to find the best car insurance deals when you’re a student.

Find out more about student driver insurance.

Women’s Car Insurance

At Chill, we don’t discriminate and so we can bring you the best-priced insurance regardless of your gender.

Learn more about women’s car insurance.

Electric Car Insurance

Chill can find the right policy for your electric vehicle and show you the best deals available in Ireland.

Find out more about electric car insurance.