• non-standard-build

    Specialist Home Insurance

    Non-Standard Cover

    At Chill, we specialise in non-standard home insurance. For example, we can assist with your insurance if your property is unoccupied or is listed as a protected building. Explore our blog as we review all the different types of non-standard cover.

  • fire-home-insurance

    What Does House Insurance Cover In A Fire?

    Protect Your Home

    Fires can be devastating and the last thing you want to find out is that your home wasn’t properly insured against the damage caused by smoke and fire. Our blog explores what is covered in the event of a fire.

  • relaxing-bedroom

    Design The Ultimate Relaxing Bedroom

    Interior Design

    Your bedroom should be a calm, restful and relaxing place to get plenty of rest. So take some inspiration from our interior design ideas for the bedroom.

  • tenants-insurance

    What Insurance Do I Need As A Tenant?

    Introduction to Tenants' Insurance

    Whether you’re about to rent a room or you are already a paying tenant, it is important to have tenant’s insurance. Learn everything about tenant’s insurance and what you’ll be covered for.

  • protecting-your-belongings-s-compressor

    Protect Your Belongings When Renting

    Important Information For Tenants

    Are you renting a property in Ireland but want to keep your possessions safe? At Chill, we offer different levels of cover for those renting, so your belongings will be protected.

  • home-maintenance-s

    Home Maintenance Checklist

    Keep Your Home Safe

    Especially during the winter time, you may find yourself doing a lot more home maintenance. To help keep your home safe and secure, we have provided a home maintenance checklist.