Preparing Your Home For The Winter

5 Useful Tips

November is just around the corner and as the temperature drops it may be wise to consider preparing your home for the winter months that lie ahead.

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    Flooding in Your Home?

    Be prepared for the worst

    With the increase in storms over the past few weeks here are some important tips to help prepare you for any flooding in your area.

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    Home Appliance Maintenance

    Prolong their lifespan

    Even though the lifespan of each home appliance depends on the model or brand, we decided to take a look at a few common household appliances and give you some helpful tips on how you can prolong the life of them.

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    Unoccupied Home Insurance

    Do you need it?

    Checking over the finer points of home insurance policies might not exactly be your idea of a great night in, but when it comes to protecting your home, it could save you from some nasty surprises.

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    Thinking of Renting Your Property?

    Key Essentials To Remember

    Are you thinking of putting a property up to rent? We thought we would give you some essential tips to remember if you are thinking of becoming a landlord.

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    Gadgets In Your Home

    Protecting Your Gadgets

    In this growing technological era most people own at least one gadget, but how easy is it for them to become lost or damaged. Want to know if you’re covered?

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    A Guide To Home Insurance

    What is and isn’t included

    Home insurance can be split into two areas. You can get separate cover for your contents and buildings. We look at each of these and the exclusions associated with them.