• Storm rainwater overflowing a gutter

    Protecting your home from a storm

    Stay Prepared

    Storms can lead your home becoming damaged due to high winds, low temperatures and even flooding - here’s some advice to help protect against them.

  • home-inheritance-tax

    Do I Have To Pay Tax On A House That I Have Inherited?

    Simplifying Capital Acquisitions Tax

    Inheritance tax or Capital Acquisition Tax (CAT) is set at 33% in Ireland and is often required to be paid when property is inherited. Tax paid depends on a number of factors and your relationship to the donor.

  • stamp_duty

    Do You Have To Pay Stamp Duty?

    Residential and Commercial Properties

    Stamp duty is one of the many charges that you’ll have to pay when purchasing a home. Explore our blog with us as we explain the costs and how to pay.

  • moving-into-new-home

    How To Purchase A Home In Ireland

    Your Simple Mortgage Guide

    Purchasing a house can be a stressful experience. We break down what is involved and the steps required to get your hands on the keys of your new home.

  • moving-house-checklist

    Moving House Checklist

    Moving house? Here's a handy moving house checklist

    You’ve found the house, done the paperwork and you’re getting the keys soon – congratulations! Our team at Chill has put together a handy checklist for when you’re moving to a new house.