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Commercial Fleet Under Review To Save Money

Reviewing Your Commercial Fleet

Identifying Ways To Reduce Costs

Are you looking for ways to save on your companies’ annual budget? Have you considered reviewing your commercial fleet to see what saving you might be able to make?

  • Campsite For An Event That Has Public Liability Insurance With Chill Insurance

    Are You Holding A Public Event?

    A Quick Guide To Public Liability For Events.

    Are you thinking of holding a public event in the next couple of weeks? We look at what insurance cover you need to have when organising such an event.

  • Dictaphone Used During Business Insurance Interview With Miriam Sherlock

    Learn About Our Business Cover

    Chill Fireside Chats

    We sat down with Miriam Sherlock, head of SME, to chat to her about the importance of business insurance and what changes, if any, are coming in the future.

  • Irish Hairdresser With Salon Insurance with Chill Insurance

    Hairdresser and Salon Insurance

    Covering You for More than a Wash And Blow Dry

    Hairdresser’s and salon’s require retail policies which provide extra cover for risks associated with the treatments carried out. Find out what cover you need.

  • Aisle of Retail Store

    Is Your Store Covered For Retail Insurance?

    5 Types of Retail Insurance Cover Required

    Knowing what retail insurance cover your store requires is an important element of your yearly financial planning. We look at 5 key types of retail insurance cover available to you.

  • Two Professional Women Talking

    What Is Professional Indemnity?

    Important Cover for Your Business and Services

    Professional Indemnity (P.I) cover is an important addition to your business needs. Get the inside knowledge on what it is and what it covers by reading our guide to P.I.

  • Business-Men-In-Suits-Playing-Football

    Insuring Your Business Assets

    Get the Right Cover this Transfer Deadline Window

    With the transfer deadline window closing we decided to write a blog that looks at how businesses, like football teams, should have the proper insurance to protect their assets.

  • Measuring Tape and Wood

    Cover for Tradesmen

    What You Need to Know if You are a Tradesmen

    As a builder or tradesman you will know that you have to have the correct liability insurance cover in place for your business. We can help you find the right cover at the best price.

  • Modern Office

    Office Insurance Explained

    What it Means for Your Business

    If you are on the lookout for Office Insurance but you’re not really sure where to start, then look no further! We’ve got everything you need to know right here.

  • Inside Large Warehouse

    Liability Insurance Explained

    Your Questions Answered

    People often get in touch asking us about liability cover, so here’s a bit more information on what it is and why it’s important for your business.