Improve Your Workplace Productivity

7 Ways To Maximise Your Productivity

Man Seeking Way To Improve Workplace ProductivityYour time is a precious commodity and making sure that you have enough of it to get all your tasks closed off is important. Here at Chill we know all about time saving which is why we have worked hard on making it easy for you to get a free quick quote in less than two minutes.

To help you get as much of your daily workload out of the way, without having to stay back too late, we have 7 work place productivity tips for you.


1. Set Time Limits

Time limits can also be applied to many aspects of your working day such as routine tasks, reports you have to run and meetings. Take back control of your time by setting yourself strict time limits and adhering to them. A good idea is to invest in a timer or set alarms on your phone.


2. Take A Break

Try to identify your most productive periods and when you productivity drops off as this can help you get the most out of day. Ensuring you take time away from your workspace can help you return refocused and ready to complete your tasks.


3. Start Early

Starting your day as early as possible may allow you to get the vast majority of your workload out of the way before your time starts getting taken up. Although your job may not require you to be an early riser it is a habit that is shared by the likes of Barack Obama and Tim Armstrong


4. Focus On The Priorities

Although multitasking can seem to help you get more tasks done, a quick review of the time you spend jumping between tasks might prove different. Try to focus on the task in hand and get it out of the way as soon as you can. Although a little contradictive, you should try and batch as many similar tasks together, such as checking emails and reporting, so that you are doing them at the same sitting


5. Avoid Clutter

This may sound like a stereotypical statement but avoiding desk clutter can help you be more efficient during your working day. Try putting in place a paperwork filing system that works for you and go from there.


6. Keep Notes The Old Fashioned Way

This one depends on your day to day job but try keeping a notebook and pen close by because writing down the tasks you have done and the ones you have yet to complete. This can keep you focused on the priorities. It can also help you remember those brilliant ideas that sometimes pop up during the day.


7. Inbox Zero

During your working day you may receive a large amount of emails and keeping track of them can become a task in itself. The mythical "inbox zero" is something that many people can only aspire to achieve while never getting near it.

Although this topic might require a blog in itself there are some ways to increase your productivity while working through the daily email backlog. Try setting up folders, rules and labels where possible as this will allow you to get a handle on who you get your emails from and if you can start cutting down on the quantity.

Going from seemingly long unproductive days in the office to having a clear schedule on a regular basis gives you more time to get done what you want to do during your week. If you have any other tips to help improve your workplace productivity we’d love to hear them in the comments below.