• 1. Save

    Get a quote in under 5 minutes and receive up to 20% off by purchasing a Co-Pilot young driver insurance policy. Additional discounts apply online too!
  • 2. Install

    We’ll arrange delivery or installation of your Co-Pilot device. All you need to do then is simply download the Co-Pilot app and register. It's as easy as that!
  • 3. Drive

    You're good to start driving right away. Unlike some other telematics policies, there are no restrictions on when or how often you drive with us!

What is Co-Pilot?

Co-Pilot allows us to reward safe driving with upfront discounts and great renewal offers. After you purchase your Co-Pilot policy, a small telematics device is installed in your car. The device will monitor different aspects of your driving behaviour.

The Co-Pilot app is linked to your device and provides you with a driving score and regular feedback on your driving. Your driving score will be based on a number of factors including speed, braking and acceleration. We want to help you become a better and more confident driver while also giving you up 20% off on your insurance policy.
  • Is This For You?

    If you are between 17 and 24 years old and hold a provisional licence, or hold a full licence with 0 years No Claims Bonus and 0 years Driving Experience, you are perfect for a Co-Pilot Policy. If you don’t fall within this criteria, don’t worry, we can still search our 14 insurers to find you a car insurance quote.
  • Complete Freedom

    Unlike other telematics policies, you will have complete driving freedom with Co-Pilot. That means you can drive how often you want without a mileage restriction or whenever you want without a curfew. Not bad at all!
  • Extra Benefits

    Co-Pilot policies come with some great extra benefits that you won’t find with some other policies. Firstly, you will receive helpful guides and tips that are personalized to your driving style to help you improve. There are plenty of others too, such as roadside assistance, windscreen cover and more!
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