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iPhone Insurance

Cover for Your Favourite Gadget

No matter how careful you are, accidents can still happen, and taking out iPhone insurance can give you the peace of mind in knowing that your favourite gadget is protected. Here at Chill Insurance, we want to make sure that a damaged or stolen phone won’t cause you a huge problem.

Below, we take a look at the three levels of cover for iPhones we currently offer: essential, extra and complete.

What does essential cover include?

Our entry level insurance covers both the phone and accessories for accidental damage, write-off and liquid damage, with a maximum claim of €1000 per term.

What does extra cover include?

Our extra policy provides exactly the same level of cover as the essential policy, but also includes protection in the event that your phone is use to make unauthorised calls if it is stolen.

What does complete cover include?

Our complete cover policy includes accidental damage, write-off and liquid damage. It also pays out if your phone has been used for unauthorised calls and protects you against your phone being lost or stolen. With a maximum claim of €1500 (complete product only), the cost of replacing your phone and accessories is fully covered.

iPhone Essential Extra Complete
Monthly Price €5.99 €8.99 €12.99
Accidental Damage and Write off Yes Yes Yes
Liquid Damage Yes Yes Yes
Unauthorised Calls No Yes Yes
Worldwide Cover Yes Yes Yes
Accessories Cover Yes Yes Yes
Theft No Yes Yes
Loss No No Yes
Maximum Claim Amount €1,000 €1,000 €1,500

Do I need iPhone insurance?

With different levels of cover for you to choose from, if you drop, smash or lose your iPhone, or if it is stolen, we have you covered. Because our policies cover you in the home and on the move, you can relax knowing that your phone is protected no matter where you are. And with the added advantage of worldwide cover, you are even protected while travelling. So, if you are looking for iPhone insurance in Ireland, why not get a quote online? We aim to make the process of arranging insurance as stress­ free as possible, so let us help you by taking it from here.

We'll take it from here

We know that insuring your gadgets can be expensive, which is why we are committed to providing our customers with affordable cover, with prices starting at just €5.99 per month. You can also make up to two claims in a 12­month period (including accessories). What’s more, our cover is totally flexible and we won’t insist you stay with the same network.