Penalty Points

How Does The System Work?

speed-camera-signBetween 2002 to 2013 there was roughly 35,000 individual penalty points issued to Irish motorists per year. You may have read recently that a large number of motorists who were issued penalty points in court have yet to see points appear on their licence. With the penalty point system currently under the microscope, we have came up with a quick 5 point guide that looks at topics you need to be be aware of such as what are penalty points, how the system works and some common driving offenses.

What Are Penalty Points?

Penalty points were introduced to encourage safe driving and reduce casualties on our roads. A penalty point is essentially a punishment on your driving licence issued by the Gardaí. They can be currently applied to learner permits and full Irish driving licences and remain on a persons licence for 3 years.

How Does The System Work?

Offences are recorded on your driving licence record if you are caught partaking in an offence that attracts penalty points, a fine or the matter being referred to the courts.

Any driver accumulating 12 penalty points within any given three-year period will be automatically disqualified from driving for six months. If this case arises, the driver surrenders their licence within 14 days of receiving notification. It is an offence not to surrender a licence and drive while disqualified.

What To Expect

If it is considered that you have committed one or more of 48 driving infringements you will receive a written notification notifying you that points have been added to your driving licence (within 28 days). Included in this notice will be the time, date and location of offence, fine amount, date of notice issued, date points will be added, along with your name and address.

What Offences Are Included To Get Points?

Currently there are 48 driving infringements in the Irish system that are punishable by penalty points. For more information about penalty points click here.

Common Driving Offenses

Common driving offenses include: driving while using a mobile phone, driving without car insurance, various dangerous and careless driving, speeding, not wearing a seatbelt, breach of a driver’s duty at a car accident and failure to stop when asked by a Garda member. All of these inexcusable motoring offenses can leave you with hefty fines and points on your licence.

We recently wrote a number of blogs that looked at eliminating common offenses from your driving habits as well as how to avoid becoming a Garda checkpoint statistic. Included in our Garda checkpoint blog was information on making sure your licence, tax and insurance are all up to date. Having motor insurance is a legal obligation and if you are found to be driving without insurance you can face a mandatory court appearance as well having 5 penalty points added to your licence. If you are searching for your motor insurance or would like us to compare insurers on your behalf just Get A Quote now or call us on 1890 30 20 20 and we'll take it from there.

For more information on penalty points, click on this link.