Homeowners Beware

Suspicious Markings

homeowners bewareA recent report in the Irish Examiner highlighted the growing trend of chalk markings being scribbled outside of people's homes. Unfortunately, the markings are not the handiwork of innocent kids, but an elaborate scheme created by thieves to identify potential properties to break into.

According to the article thieves have devised a system of eight different markings to let each other know about the property and its owner, such as if the person is nervous and afraid, whether or not the home is alarmed or if the property has previously been burgled.

As always, we recommend you take necessary precautions in order to protect your home by ensuring that you have adequate locks on windows, a deadbolt locking system on your back and front doors and a certified intruder alarm.

The Irish Examiner reported that criminal gangs have teams which go scouting for homes under the pretence of door-to-door selling and offering to undertake odd jobs. The best advice is that if you're at all in doubt about anyone at your door, ask to see valid identification. Do not give them any information and never let them into your property. If you are in doubt, call the Gardaí straight away.

In recent months the symbols have reportedly been found outside properties in Dublin, Drogheda, and Limerick, as well as further afield in the UK and Europe. By drawing people's attention to the symbols we can hopefully raise awareness of the code and help prevent some burglaries.

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