A Guide to Car Insurance for Older Drivers

Everything you need to know as an older driver

Having years of driving experience comes with a range of benefits, from knowing the roads and driving becomes second nature to lower insurance premiums due to building up years of no-claims and being deemed less likely to be in an accident.

Insurance costs can be a worry for most, especially the older generation as they may be retired or stop climbing the corporate ladder as they focus less on their career and more on well-deserved time with family and friends.

There are a lot of questions surrounding car insurance for older drivers in Ireland, so we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to cover everything you need to know.

Do older drivers pay more for car insurance?

Providing you have made no claims, more often than not, the older you are the cheaper your car insurance costs will be. In fact, our Car Insurance Price Index found that the lowest average annual cost was for drivers aged 60-69, at €445.

However, this can change once you hit the 75+ age bracket as average costs went up to €540, this is due to age-related factors like eyesight deteriorating and reaction times decreasing, although the costs are still significantly lower than for a new driver under the age of 19.

Is my car insurance cheaper the longer I’ve had a driving license?

In short, yes, the longer you’ve held a full driving licence, the cheaper your car insurance premiums will be. This is because you will have had more time on the road and more experience, meaning insurers deem you as less likely to be involved in an accident. However, this is provided you’ve had no claims or convictions.

Our data found that the average car insurance cost for drivers with a full license for over 20 years was €509, decreasing to just €487 for those with over 30 years of driving experience.

Can I be refused car insurance because of my age?

No, you cannot be refused insurance on the grounds of age (unless you are under 18). This is a protected right as part of the Equal Status Act, you can find out more at the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission website.

Is car insurance cheaper if you are retired?

Your car insurance premiums could be cheaper as a retiree, as you are not commuting to work and are less likely to travel during peak hours (which can increase the likelihood of an accident). However, there are a multitude of factors that are considered when getting a car insurance quote.

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