School Insurance Policy FAQ's

Common Questions We Hear

What is the difference between schools activities only cover and 24 hour cover?
Schools Activities Only Cover
This option provides cover while participating in any activities authorised or organised by the school attended by the Insured person in the Republic of Ireland; and whilst travelling directly from home to the school within Ireland
24 hour cover
This option provides 24 hour cover for the insured person.
What is covered?

Section A - Catastrophic Injury
Paralysis from the neck down €200,000  
Brain Damage €200,000  

Section B - Permanent Disabilities
Permanent total disability €150,000  
Loss of sight in both eyes €150,000  
Loss of sight in one eye €100,000  
Loss of both hands or both feet €150,000  
Loss of one hand or one foot €100,000  
Loss of hearing in both ears €100,000  
Loss of hearing in one ear €40,000  
Loss of speech €40,000  

Section C - Death
Death by accident €25,000  

SSection D - Permanent facial scarring
Facial scarring from::
(a) 3cms to 9cms €1,000  
(b) 10cms and longer €2,000  

Section E - Burns
Full-thickness burns which cover:
(a) 27% or more of the body's surface €20,000  
(b) 18% or more, but less than 27% of the body's surface €16,000  
(c) 9% or more, but less than 18% of the body's surface €12,000  
(d) 4.5% or more, but less than 9% of the body's surface €6,000  

Section F - Hospitalisation
€20 for each full 24 hour period spent in hospital up to a maximum of €1,800  

Section G - Medical Expenses
Medical and dental expenses not recoverable from any other source, up to a maximum of €40,000  
What is the purpose of School Personal Accident Cover?
School Personal Accident Cover is designed to provide financial support and assistance to parents in the event of an accident to their child. Parents can receive up to €200,000 in financial benefit depending on the nature of the accident and the injury sustained.
Can anybody take out School Personal Accident Cover?
No, this product is designed to cover children attending primary or secondary school. To be eligible, children must be over 3 and under 20 years at the time of joining and must be attending a school where their name appears on the register of students.
What is the difference between School Activities Only or 24 Hour Cover?
School Activities Only, cover means that children are covered for activities usual to the school, which are carried out with the full control, knowledge and consent of the school, including travel to and from such activities. 24 Hour cover means children are covered for accidents at all times.
What age limits apply on the policy?
All children should be aged over 3 and under 20 years at the time of joining and must be attending a school where their name appears on the register of students.
Are children covered while working?
Children are only covered while working on school organised work experience placements. There is no cover for other work or occupational activities.
How can premiums be paid online?
We will accept debit/Credit Cards as a form of payment.
Does this policy cover Medical & Dental Expenses?
Yes. Once they occur as a direct result of an insured accident we will pay up to €40,000 for medical and dental expenses incurred up to two years following an accident which are not recoverable from another source such as VHI, Aviva Insurance Limited, GloHealth & Laya Healthcare or from a negligent third party who caused the accident.
How long after the accident do parents have to claim for permanent disability such as loss of an eye?
Permanent disabilities which develop up to two years following an accident can be claimed for, thus allowing a reasonable amount of time to assess future post accident disability. Some schemes will only pay if the disability occurs within 12 months of the accident, which we believe is a major gap in cover.
Are children covered for accidents outside Ireland?
Yes, provided they have the cover under the appropriate Operative Time. However, this is a Personal Accident policy only and we would recommend that you purchase travel insurance for trips abroad to cover, illness, cancellation and your personal belongings.
How do I make a claim?

You will need to contact AIG to notify them of any incident which may give rise to a claim. They should be notified as soon as reasonably practicable after the bodily injury is sustained.

Claims are to be notified to:

The Accident & Health Claims Department
Merrion Road
Dublin 4.

Telephone: (01) 208 1400
Facsimile: (01) 283 7773

What is Medical Second Opinion?
Our unique Medical Second Opinion Service gives all children covered under School Personal Accident Cover access to some of the top medical specialists around the world who can confirm a diagnosis and treatment or suggest alternative forms of treatments. As a child insured under the scheme, our service will provide parents with a Medical Second Opinion for any new medical condition or illness that is diagnosed by a consultant while their child is covered under the School Personal Accident Cover. An accident covered under the policy does not have to occur for this service to operate.
What services do AIG Medical & Rehabilitation Ireland Offer?
Following an accident, our specialist Medical & Rehabilitation Case Manager can discuss a child's current medical situation with their parents and advise in relation to the medical pathway to follow as regards courses of physiotherapy, general well being and recovery. They can also advise on service provider's in their area who will assist with overall management of the pupil's condition and recovery.
What is the excess on the policy?
The policy does not have any excess payable when you make a claim.

Note: The purpose of our Frequently Asked Questions is to explain in general terms what you are covered for. They do not form part of the contract of insurance. For full clarification on the terms and conditions, please read the policy document.