When To Buy

Save Money By Buying At The Right Time

piggy-bank-sWe all know how costly it can be when purchasing something new. This can be especially true if they are in season as it can be more difficult to fork out money on those sought after luxury items we want when they are first released.

Making purchases can be a seasonal thing, you might be able to get cheaper holiday packages in the off season or you can sometimes get high tech goods (TV's, Laptops or smart devices) when newer models have been released.

As usual, we're here to help. We've been keeping our eyes and ears open for tips on the best times of the year to make purchases, meaning you can save a little extra and not break the bank when buying what you want.

Best Time Of the Year To Buy

Clothing -

Clothing, winter or summer styles, usually sees price drops as the particular season draws to a close.

  • January/February, September/October

Home Furnishing -

Furniture, carpets, and flooring are always marked down at the start of the new year as most companies tend to release their new ranges in February.

  • January, February


February can be one of the best times to purchase a new TV as manufacturers release their new models in spring usually after CES. Don't fret if you are looking to up scale as last year's models usually come down in price after new releases. If you are thinking of making any purchases for your home during the course of the year always make sure that your home and contents cover is up to date.

  • January, February

Holiday packages -

It can sometime be ideal to book the flights at least 8 weeks prior to the date you want to go. That way, there will be flights available, and the cost won't be as high during peak times.

If you are deciding to go on one or a number of short city breaks during the year make sure that you have your travel cover in place. Many insurers and brokers offer a number of different options when it comes to single, multi or annual travel insurance policies.

  • Up to 8 weeks before hand

Gym Memberships -

Thinking of joining a gym? May and June can see many gyms offering large discounts on gym memberships. This time of the year can see a flourish of outdoor fitness, and gyms know this.

  • May/June

New or Used Cars -

If you’re looking for a new or used car, August and September is a good time to buy. With the year halfway through, most dealers will drop the price on a vehicle, as it can devalue the older it gets.

Once you have decided on your new car you should also arrange your car cover. If you are uncertain about the cover your new vehicle may require why not try out our car insurance quick quote.

We work with a number of different car insurers which allows us to give you different quotes depending on whether you require third party, third party fire & theft or comprehensive cover.

  • August/ September

School Uniforms -

August sees the back to school season. To save the euros, why not pick up the uniforms and supplies in July, before the price goes up? This is also a great month to arrange school insurance cover for any of your children attending primary or secondary school.

This type of policy covers sanctioned school activities only meaning that children are covered for activities usual to the school, which are carried out with the full control, knowledge and consent of the school, including travel to and from such activities.

For greater cover make sure you also ask about policies that provide 24 Hour cover meaning children are covered for accidents at all times.

  • July

Home Appliances -

September is a good time to pick up home appliances, e.g. vacuum cleaners. October tends to be the month manufacturers release the latest models. So, the best bargains can be found before this.

  • September/October

Gadgets -

October/November is a great time of the year for new gadget releases and updates to smart devices. Depending on your device or provider, you may also receive a warranty for a certain period. If you are not offered a warranty, or it is only valid for a short period, there are a number of different gadget insurance offerings on the market that you can also avail off.

  • October/November

As an independent broker we are proud to be able to offer you cover for your home, car, business, van, business as well as life insurance. Because we quote for a number of different products we can work with you on helping you get the right cover.

So if you’re looking to make a saving why not start the process by calling us on 01 4003400.