We Now Insure Businesses

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man-auditing-warehouseYou may have heard we recently launched Chill business insurance. This exciting news means you'll now able to get great value commercial insurance from us, as well as personal cover.

Just like our personal lines business we speak to lots of insurers to find you the right insurance. But what is the right insurance? In the current climate business owners are looking to cut costs wherever possible and focussing on price, but they run the risk of under-insuring themselves. That's where an independent broker like Chill comes in.

We review all the options available and carry out an audit to make sure we get the right cover for you and your business. Price is very important, but getting the right insurance is absolutely crucial. There's nothing worse than arranging insurance purely on the basis of cost, then discovering you're under-insured when it's time to claim.

I'm a great believer in visiting customers, understanding their needs, analysing the risk and then looking at all the types of cover available. That's the best way for customer to make the right decision and get the right cover, rather than just focussing on price. Not only that, by actually going out and talking to people the team here can assess businesses more thoroughly and hopefully reduce the cost.

At the moment lots of businesses are inquiring about Property Insurance to protect the physical assets of the company and Employers Liability insurance which covers employees whilst they carry out work on the company's behalf. However, we provide cover for all sorts of businesses and industries including retail, offices, surgeries, property owners, tradesmen and risks associated with indigenous Irish businesses.

If you're looking for business insurance all you need to do is visit our website, fill in your details and our dedicated account handlers will get back to you with a quote. Whether you're a large manufacturing company or a small family-run business, we'll find the right cover for you!