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Washing Your Car

Improving Your Cars Resale Value

Washing Your CarOne of my neighbours is always outside our house washing his car no matter what the weather. In passing one day I asked him why he was always washing his car. He went on to explain that aside from the therapeutic benefits of washing and cleaning your car on a regular basis, is also a monetary benefit that you might sometimes forget about.

After some quick research online and a few minutes talking with the others in my office I began see that instead of thinking of washing your car as a vanity pursuit, you should be looking at the bigger picture of how a regularly cleaned car can help you save money when it comes to selling on the vehicle and protecting the body work.

Using the right cleaning products and techniques on a consistent basis will not only leave your car looking great, it will also help retain the cars finish for another few years. Not only does this mean that you can drive around in your car safe in the knowledge that your car looks in great condition but it could also help with the future resale value of the car.

If you do want to wash your car by hand, either for "free" at home or paying for one at your local filling station then we’re here to help with some quick pointers for you to follow. Washing your car on a continuous basis can also allow you to inspect the car so you are aware of any marks or scratches. This means that if you were to be involved in a car incident, which may require a car insurance claim, then you will know which marks are new and if there are any new ones.

What to Remember When Washing Your Car

  1. Before you start you should always plan your car wash in 4 stages. Washing, cleaning, polishing and waxing.
  2. Choose a shady area to wash your car. This means that in warm weather the additional minerals found in the water you might be using would dry as quickly. Although this might sound strange; the water you use, depending on your location, may leave visible marks on your car’s bodywork.
  3. Once you have chosen the location the next thing to be aware of is timing. Don’t leave it until your car has amassed a layer of dirt or people have written "wash me" somewhere on the body.
  4. Avoid washing the vehicle while either the engine is hot, from driving, or the car’s body is warm from the weather. This can lead to whatever liquids you are using to wash the car drying up and leaving noticeable marks after a period.
  5. Try using microfiber mitts or cloths when possible. These are usually inexpensive and can be purchased both online and in-store in most retailers.
  6. Always try to use a car specific cleaning product as household soaps or washing up liquids are not advised. This is because they are used usually used to remove oils and grease which may cause them to potentially damage your cars body work if used.
  7. To help maintain the quality of your cleaning implements you should try to avoid using the same mitts or cloths on the wheels as you do on the body of the car. Not only can it cause damage to the cloths and cut down on their usage but it could also cause damage to the cars paintwork.
  8. After you have washed, cleaned and polished your car then it is time for waxing. Waxing is one of the most important things you can do to help maintain your cars paintwork. Depending on the car manufacturers recommendations, you should try to wax your car at least once every 3- 4 months. Applying the wax is simple. Avoid using large amounts and try to main small, overlapping, strokes when possible.
  9. Never let your car drip dry as this can allow water marks to develop. We advise investing in some 100% cotton detailing cloths or sheepskin chamois. These will allow you to dry the car without causing any unfortunate marks or scrapes.

From physical to mental, there are many additional benefits when it comes to washing your car on a regular basis. And who knows it might also help improve the future resale value when it is time trade up to a newer model.