Keeping Your Car Clean

Try Our Four Money Saving Tips

No matter what you do, it always seems like your car is a mess. From food wrappers to muddy football boots, there is always something that dirties your car. To help improve the cleanliness of your car, below are some simple tips that could help prevent your car from being a constant mess.

Stop Eating In It

One of the easiest ways to keep your car clean is to simply stop eating in it. Eating behind the wheel is one of the most common driving habits, as seen in one of our recent blogs here. Not only is it a dangerous habit, it's also the root cause of all those unpleasant crumbs, stains, wrappers and smells.

Clean Your Shoes

Your shoes can drag all sorts of unwanted terrain into your vehicle. A quick and easy tip is before getting inside, sit down with your legs outside the car and simply wipe off your shoes. In particular, if you have children, we recommend that you clean their shoes regularly, as the back of driver and passenger seats are a common spot for children’s feet to rest during car journeys.

Use A Garage

Although everyone doesn’t have access to a garage, if you are able to find an enclosed area close to your home or have a cover, your car will stay much cleaner. Having your car covered prevents leaves, branches or any other residue from sticking to your car. You will also find that this will reduce the amount of journeys to the car wash, which could save you some money.

Have A Routine

An easy way to make sure your car is kept clean is by starting a routine and setting a date and time regularly to wash your car. Another money saving tip is to hand wash your own car with as little as two buckets: one filled with clean water, the other with soapy water. You can make your car sparkle by simply scrubbing it clean, soaping it up and rinsing it off.

We hope that these tips prove useful and not only help the cleanliness of your car, but also save you some money. If you would like to see how much more you can save on car insurance, get a quote above or give us a call on 01 4003400.