Stay Safe On The Road In Summer

4 Things To Consider When Driving


Typically, the summer months produce higher demands on your car as the weather improves and the temperature increases. Below we take a look at some important things to consider when driving on the roads this summer.


If your tyres are already old and worn out, the increasing temperature will make the possibility of a blow out or puncture more likely. Check your tyre pressure regularly at your local petrol station and increase their pressure if you are carrying extra loads such as suitcases or extra passengers.

Tired Driving

If you were intrigued by our 'Ireland's Most Beautiful Drives' eBook and you are interested in taking a trip down to one of Ireland’s many beautiful destinations, it's important to avoid tired driving as much as possible. We recommend that you take numerous breaks on any long routes. Remember, numerous short 20 minute breaks are more beneficial than one long break.


If you suffer from hayfever, it is recommended to find an alternative person to drive. However, if you only have minor symptoms, or a designated driver is unavailable, make sure to take medication to prevent any major symptoms from occurring. Ensure that whatever medication you take does not cause drowsiness. Secondly, keep all windows closed to reduce the chances of pollen entering the car.


As we are delighted to see more sun over the summer months, it can unfortunately play a major role in many road accidents. Firstly, the rise in temperature can cause problems with your cooling system so it is important to check the coolant regularly. Also, the glare from the sun can cause plenty of accidents so having a clean windscreen is vital. In addition, we recommend you keep a pair of clean sunglasses in your car to protect your eyes from any overwhelming glares.


  1. Find Somewhere In The Shade
  2. Your car will heat up very quickly if parked in the direct summer sun. Try to find somewhere shaded to park such as under trees or in a covered car park. Even if it means parking a little further from your destination, finding being greeted by a cool car will definitely be worth it.

  3. Turn Around!
  4. If you are unable to find somewhere shaded to park your car, turn it around so that most of the sunlight is directed into the back of the car. This will keep your steering wheel and driver’s seat cooler.

  5. Use A Sun Shade
  6. Sun shades are foldable covers for your windshield. Place your sun shade over your windshield once you have parked your car and this will reflect sunlight from heating up your car.

  7. Use A Dash Cover
  8. The dashboard is the part of your car interior which is exposed to the greatest amount of sunlight. Using a dash cover will absorb a lot of this heat and reduce the air temperature in the car.

  9. Cover Your Steering Wheel
  10. If you have to park your car in the shade, cover your wheel with a towel. When you return to your car and take this towel off you will find the steering wheel less hot.

  11. Fan The Doors
  12. When you return to your car (and if it is in a safe location to do so) open the passenger window. Then go over to the driver-side door and fan it open and closed a number of times. This will create a vacuum of low pressure which will push the hot air out and suck cool air into the car.

    If you decide to take any long drives this summer, we hope you find these tips helpful. Our final tip is to make sure that you have the necessary cover in place before embarking on a journey across the country. If you are interested in finding a policy that suits you, give us a call on 01 4003400 or get a quick car insurance quote.