Q and A with Janice Donovan

The Star of Our Latest Advert!

janice-filmingEarlier on in February we unveiled our latest TV advert starring one of our fantastic staff members. Janice Donovan who works in our inbound team took the plunge and made her acting debut for Chill.


Janice is a Sales Executive which means it's her job to help you get the right type of cover and when she's not busy advising customers or speaking to the Chill blog she likes to unwind by listening to music, going to the cinema or grabbing a bite to eat with friends.

Hey Janice, people are bound to recognise you from the TV adverts, but can you tell us a little more about your typical day?
On a normal day I arrive around 8.30am, grab myself a coffee and then get ready to hit the phones. I work in the inbound team so it's my role to advise people who are calling us looking for car or home insurance and help them get the right policy.
You're now in your second stint at Chill, has much changed since you first joined?
It certainly has. The change has been massive and the company has grown so much during this time. It's brilliant to see the company doing so well and the teams competing against each other. There's a nice friendly rivalry.
What's your favourite Chill commercial?
I love 'the Breakup' advert. I bet everyone says that, but it really is just such a hilarious advert. If the ad I appear in is half as popular as that I'll be very happy.
How did you manage to land the lead role in the adverts?
Everyone was asked if they want to audition. I've never done any acting before. Not even a school nativity play, but I thought it sounded like fun. For the audition I had to perform a range of emotions and play some characters. I was very nervous, but it was really enjoyable and the director was fantastic.
All our adverts are quite different, so what do you get up to in your advert?
In my advert there are 14 cupcakes which represent the number of underwriters we speak to and I have to choose which one is the sweetest for the customer. I love cupcakes, but unfortunately I didn't get to take any of them home with me!
What's the best part about working here?
I love the people at Chill. They are fantastic and it's such a nice place to work.