Patrick Hanaphy Q and A

Catch Him in Our Latest Advert

patrick-hanaphy-shootEarlier this month we launched another brand new TV advert starring a member of staff! Patrick Hanaphy, who is part of the inbound team is our latest employee to get in front of the camera and show-off his acting ability.

Patrick is a crucial part of our eagle-eyed administration team and most of his time is spent making sure all the details on your paperwork are correct and that it's distributed on time, so we were lucky to catch up with him for a Q&A session.

Hi Patrick, people will know you from the advert, but what's your day-to-day role?
I'm a Sales Administrator for the inbound team. Basically, my colleagues get the sales, then it's my role to check the relevant details on paperwork, such as the date, money and policy are all correct, then send it out ASAP.
When did you start working here?
I've been working at Chill since the beginning of July 2012, so I'm still quite new. I started in the outbound sales team so I could get used to all the systems and processes in place here, before moving on to my current role.
What attracted you to Chill?
I've been working in the insurance industry since 2008, mostly within claims. But this year I decided that I wanted a new challenge in order to broaden my horizons and learn more about the industry. Chill offered me that opportunity and I've enjoyed every minute so far.
How were you chosen for the adverts?
It was very funny! We had to audition in front of the director and compare lots of office stationery. I had to act like I was working hard to compare each of the items by changing my expression and studying all the options.
Can we expect to see you in Hollywood any time soon?
No! My focus is here. I'm currently studying for my insurance exams, so my goal is to pass them and progress in my role.
What's the best thing about Chill?
It's got to be the staff. Everyone here is so nice, friendly and helpful. It's a great place to work. They're always on hand to offer you help or advice if you're stuck with anything. There's also some fantastic incentives available which help motivate the teams and stir up some friendly competition.