A Guide to Insuring Older Cars

Everything you need to know if your car is 10-20 years old

Lots of drivers have older cars, this is because older cars are generally cheaper to buy or perhaps you’ve had your trusty car for a long time now - and why fix what isn’t broken? However, the age of your vehicle is taken into consideration when calculating car insurance costs. But, what does this mean for people with older cars?

With this in mind, we’ve taken a look into the most commonly asked questions surrounding insuring older cars in Ireland so you’ll know everything you need to.

Are older cars more expensive to insure?

The make and model of your car is a factor that is taken into consideration when insurers offer you a quote and our data found that the Kia Sportage and Hyundai Tucson were two of the cheapest popular car models to insure in Ireland.

But, what if your car is 10-20 years old? Generally, older models can be cheaper to insure (to an extent), this is because they are less expensive to replace or fix if an accident was to happen and a claim is made. Older cars also lose value as newer models with the latest features and technology enter the forecourts, meaning insurance costs can be cheaper as again, they can be replaced at a lower cost. However, there is a limit to this if your car is really old (more on that below).

How old does a car have to be for classic insurance?

Classic car insurance is a specialised insurance for cars that are over 30 years old. These insurance costs are generally not so cheap as the parts are harder to source and replace if a claim is made and they may not be fitted with the latest safety features and technology that can reduce accidents. It is worth noting that classic car insurance can be difficult to obtain.

Classic Car Road Tax is another factor that can up overall costs due to their emissions band.

Is my car too old to insure?

Due to factors such as the cost of living crisis, according to the Society of the Irish Motor Industry, the average age of cars on Irish roads is almost nine years old (compared to an average of 5.8 years in 2008).

As more drivers opt to keep their car and hold off buying a new one, you may wonder if your car is too old to insure. Many insurance companies refuse to insure a car over a certain age, usually up to 20 years. So, as long as your car is within this bracket we can find an insurer for you.

Remember, a multitude of factors are taken into account when calculating car insurance costs. The age of your vehicle is just one of them. If you want to find the cheapest car insurance quote, let Chill do the hard work for you.