Home Maintenance Checklist

Keep Your Home Safe


During the winter, It’s important to look after your home and prevent any accidents from occurring. To help with your home maintenance, below is a checklist for you to run through when doing work around the house.

Change The Batteries

When we say change the batteries, we aren’t talking about your TV remote. This refers to the batteries of your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, which should be changed every six months. It is also important to regularly test your smoke detectors as they aren’t perfect and can wear out.

Check Your Roof

Your roof is one of the most vital components of your home. It provides insulation, keeping you warm and dry on those cold, wet nights. Checking your roof and inspecting it regularly can prevent any potential major problems from occurring. It may also save you money in the long run as identifying smaller problems now, will save you the expense of a bigger problem in the future.

Clean Your Washer And Dryer

A washing machine is one of the most common appliances in households today. As seen in our blog on home appliances they typically last around 10 years. However, without the correct maintenance they may lose their durability. A routine clean to your washing machine will help you get rid of detergent residue and prevent any odours from soiled laundry. Similarly, cleaning your dryer’s lint filter regularly can increase its productivity and lifespan.

Service Your Boiler

As the weather gets colder, the last thing you need is issues with your boiler. We recommend servicing your boiler on a regular basis to prevent any faults or expensive repairs in the long term. A regular service will also prolong the life of your boiler and improve its efficiency.

Our final piece of advice is to ensure you have home insurance in place to make sure you and your home are protected. Get a quick quote above and see how much you could save. Alternatively, you can give us a call on 01 4003400 and one of our agents will walk you through the necessary steps. Chill, we'll take it from here!