Home Cover Checklist

Save On Your Premium Today

row of housesJanuary is the month where many people renew their home insurance or begin shopping around for a lower cost quote from elsewhere. Some insurance companies may be able to offer you a discount, but there are also some small tried and tested steps you can take which may have a big impact on your home insurance premium.

Install a smoke detector
Insurers calculate premiums based on the level of risk and they love it when you take proactive steps to reduce the perceived risk level. One of the most effective ways to do is by installing smoke detectors at your property.
Fit security locks to your doors and windows
In much the same way as a smoke detector will lower your chances of a fire causing damage, fitting security locks will reduce the risk of a burglary, or at least limit access burglars will have to your property and this in turn could result in a lower home insurance premium.
Pay a higher excess
You can often bring down the cost of your home insurance by agreeing to increase the excess you pay if you ever have to make a claim. We'd advise that you weigh up all your options before increasing the excess, and talk to an independent broker who can give you impartial advice on this, but it's well worth considering.
Ask for a discount
The insurance market is very competitive at the moment and there may be scope to ask for a discount, particularly if you already hold a policy with an insurer. After all, if you don't ask, you won't get.
Set up a Neighbourhood Watch
Organising a Neighbourhood Watch scheme is not as time consuming as you might think and insurers will often reduce premiums for properties which are in a Neighbourhood Watch area.

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