Holiday Apps To Have

10 Travel Apps To Download

women on holidayGoing on holidays can be a great way to unwind, top up the tan (in my case the farmer one) and perhaps learn about a new culture. One of our most recent blogs looked at the benefits of having travel insurance especially if you a planning on taking your smartphone or tablet with you.

Until we have reached the point where we can directly download maps to our brains, taking these smart devices with you means that you can at least find your way around a city if you are not born with an inbuilt compass.

With this in mind we have had a look through our office devices and came up with a list of our favorite travel apps that we think are worth your while installing.


Google Maps

Like all Google products it can be used across multiple devices and platforms meaning you can plan on a desktop and carry out on your handheld device.


XE Currency

One of the biggest chores while on holiday is converting the prices you are paying into currency you are familiar with. This app converts most currency's and allows you to make sure you are not getting ripped off.



After knowing how much you are getting for your euro, tipping is the next issues that you can have overseas. This app is great for understanding how much of a tip you should leave. Simply enter the bill amount and you will be told how much extra you should be paying.



Most airlines have either their own apps or mobile optimised websites. Skyscanner takes all the effort out of searching for cheap flights for you. The app also has the option to pin your search to your start screen and keep an eye on price changes.



We can’t all stay in the best hotels which is why Hostelworld is one of the most popular apps and websites for tourists. This app gives you access to over 3.5 million user reviews which should cut down on the chances that you will end up staying in somewhere that has additional bed bugs.



A personal favorite in my house. It’s hard to believe that it took so long for someone to come up with an easy to use app such as this. The idea is simple: rather than stand on the street and wait for a passing taxi, summon one from a map showing how far away registered drivers are from you.



There was a time when staying in contact with people at home or abroad was difficult due to both the time differences and cost incurred in placing a call. Now with message devices and platforms such as whatsapp, viber and even Facebook messenger it has become easier. The app lets you chat for free with anyone else who has the app and offers a few extra useful features to make text messaging more fun.


Wi-Fi Finder

If you are on holiday and you want to check in or upload all your selfies or images of food then you will need to get to free wi-fi hotspot's. This app, which can be used off line, provides a map of exactly where the free and paid wireless connections are located in the area you are currently in.



I installed this app on a whim a few months ago and have found it really useful. TripIt organises travel plans into an itinerary that has all of your trip details in one place.

Simply forward confirmation emails to and TripIt will automatically build an itinerary for your trip that you can access anytime, either online or from a mobile device.

Let us know if you have any other travel favorites that you use when on holidays in the comments below.

Going on holidays and not standing out as a tourist has become even easier thanks to our smartphones and tablets as they allow us to have maps, guidebooks and reservations in one handy location. But just in case you want to insure your gadgets aren't in harms way there are plenty of travel books available for you to buy as well.

If you do have any questions about your travel insurance policy options then just follow this link or call us on 1800 30 34 09.