Don’t Drive in Your Halloween Costume This Weekend

Avoid Fines of Up to €5,000

man with pumpkin mask in car

As Halloween draws closer, it is time to start preparing. From pumpkin picking to finding that all-important costume. Whether you plan to go trick or treating with the kids or attend a party at a friend’s house, insurance experts Chill have revealed a potential fine that could be a whole lot scarier than any horror film or spooky outfit…

If you are going to be driving this Halloween season, be sure to leave the costume at home or it could end up costing you up to €5,000.

Why can wearing a costume lead to a fine?

Restricted vision

Many Halloween costumes have masks or eyewear that can restrict your vision. You should never drive with anything in front of your face or eyes that can block or reduce your eyesight because it can be dangerous. This could be classed as careless driving, defined by the Road Traffic Acts 1961 as “driving without reasonable consideration” resulting in an €80 fine and two points on your licence, which can increase if taken to court.

Not being able to see clearly can lead to failing to stop at junctions, ignoring traffic lights or disobeying traffic signs, all of which are driving offences that result in fines and points.

If your lack of vision results in serious careless driving or dangerous driving you can be fined up to €5,000.

Reduced control of the vehicle

If your Halloween costume has gloves or anything on your hands that may reduce your control of the steering wheel, handbrake, or gear stick, this could also result in dangerous driving and therefore a fine of up to €5000.

Can fines and points on my licence affect my insurance?

Getting points on your licence indicates to insurance companies that you are a risky driver, which in turn is more likely to result in higher premiums and insurance costs. Insurers should also be told about any fixed notice penalties, meaning fines can also increase insurance costs.

No-one wants to pay an unexpected fine or gain points on their licence, and nobody wants to put themselves or others at risk. So, be sure to stay safe this Halloween season, regardless of your plans.