Tired Woman in a Car

Driver Fatigue

The Sleeping Killer

Driver fatigue is the cause of 1 in 5 road deaths in Ireland. Don't be caught napping behind the wheel, read more information on what to do to combat driver tiredness.

  • Laptops and Phones with Chill Branding

    Go Gadget Go

    Win An iPad!

    Calling all gadget freaks! Does your device mean the world to you? We're giving away a brand new iPad to celebrate our new Gadget Insurance policies.

  • Man Gesturing Towards a Halo Above His Head

    Tell The Truth...

    Honesty Gets The Best Policy

    Honesty really is the best policy and will get you the best policy. We have a look at common 'white lies' people tell their insurer to attempt to get cheaper premiums.

  • Interview on Ireland AM

    It Will Never Happen to Me

    Home Security On Ireland AM

    Jo, our resident insurance expert, appeared on TV3's Ireland AM this morning to discuss home security and what to do to keep your home safe.

  • Man Cycling Bike

    Bicycle Safety

    Obey The Rules Of The Road

    Cycling has re-emerged as a hugely popular form of transport in Ireland. With the ever increasing fuel prices, we take a quick look at the "Do's and Don'ts" when it comes to sharing the road with others.

  • Facebook Icons

    Protect Your Social Identity

    Be Careful What You Share

    Social media is a great way to keep up to date and connect with family and friends. However, be wary about the amount of information you are sharing?

  • Woman Viewing a Car

    Buying a Car

    Old Versus New

    Right now there are lots of great deals on second hand cars, but is buying a car which is a few years old always the best option? We have a look at both options.

  • Woman Wearing Irish Hat

    Euro 2012 Travel Advice

    It's Almost Time

    Euro 2012 is about is kick off and we have put together a few useful tips for the lucky ones travelling to support the boys in green this summer!

  • Child Building a Sand Castle

    Sun, Sea, Sand and Security!

    Protect Your Home While Away

    Heading away this summer? Here are a few tips and tricks to make sure your home is properly protected while you are away on holidays.

  • Insurer and Politician Having a Chat

    Chill Creates 50 New Jobs

    New Positions Announced

    We are thrilled to announce an additional 50 new jobs in a number of sectors including finance, marketing, IT, sales and administration.