Happy Woman in Car

Know Your Claims

No Claims Bonus Explained

Claim free years will help you get a better car insurance quote. We look at the common terms used when applying discounts and what your no claims bonus means.

  • 20 Euro in Wallet

    Money Matters

    Cash is King but Keep it Safe

    Should you carry cash or are the ATM's a safer option? We have a look at the best way to manage your money and keep it safe whilst on holiday.

  • Tennis Ball

    Anyone for Tennis?

    East Of Ireland Junior Open

    The Chill East of Ireland Junior Tennis Open kicks off on Saturday 21st July at Sutton Lawn Tennis Club until the 28th July. Chill Insurance are proud sponsors.

  • Red Fire Extinguisher

    Fire Safety in the Home

    Have A Plan And Be Prepared

    Do you have a fire safety plan? By following a few simple rules on fire prevention you can reduce the risk of fire effecting your family and home.

  • Speedometer

    Economical Driving

    Making Your Fuel Go Further

    The cost of fuel is ever fluctuating in Ireland, and so is our disposable income. Why not give eco-driving a go for a week and see how much fuel you can save?

  • Barbecuing Sausages

    BBQ Safety

    BBQ Safety

    Its summer time so its the time to dust off the BBQ and enjoy the garden for the summer. Before you light the coals, take the time to read our advice.

  • Map of Ireland with Pin in it

    The StayCation

    Irish Summer Hot-Spots

    Planning a holiday in Ireland this year? We take a look at a few places that hit the top spots for family fun and great value this summer.

  • Filling a Car with Petrol

    Fuel for Thought

    The Cost Of Fuel Explained

    Ever wondered how the price of fuel is calculated and what affects the rates we pay? We explain the breakdown of fuel costs and what causes them to rise and and fall.

  • Tired Woman in a Car

    Driver Fatigue

    The Sleeping Killer

    Driver fatigue is the cause of 1 in 5 road deaths in Ireland. Don't be caught napping behind the wheel, read more information on what to do to combat driver tiredness.

  • Laptops and Phones with Chill Branding

    Go Gadget Go

    Win An iPad!

    Calling all gadget freaks! Does your device mean the world to you? We're giving away a brand new iPad to celebrate our new Gadget Insurance policies.