Man Making a Choice

When Was the Last Time You Checked?

Why You Shouldn't Stick With the Status Quo

Did you know 31% of people reduce spending on luxuries rather than switch their service providers? Does this sound like you? Then read today’s blog to see why you should switch.

  • Airplane in the Sky

    10% Off Travel Insurance

    Chill Insurance Love Saving Our Customers Money

    Jet away for a lower cost by availing of our fantastic discount on travel insurance. You’ll have to act fast though as this promotion ends on the 31st of March 2014.

  • People In Barber Shop

    Our New Chill Insurance Ad

    Cutting the Cost of Your Insurance

    We have teamed up with Jennifer Maguire on our brand new TV ads to show you how we can help you cut the cost of you insurance in minutes.

  • Couple On Beach

    Is Insurance Romantic?

    Protecting You and Your Loved Ones

    We don’t always think of insurance as being a romantic gift. We believe it can be and in today's blog we put forward a case for why we think so.

  • Feet at Fireplace

    Heating Up Your Home

    Tips on Home Heating Efficiency

    Keeping your home warm and comfortable during the winter can be costly. We look at how being energy aware short term can be financially beneficial in the long term.

  • Child in the Airport

    Is Travel Insurance Worth It?

    Why You Should Have Holiday Insurance

    Are you planning on taking a holiday soon? We have a quick blog looking at why getting your travel insurance is just as important as choosing the best hotel.

  • Engagement Ring

    Insuring Your Diamond

    Tips to Protect Your Precious Rock

    Are you thinking of popping the question to that loved one? Having the appropriate insurance is crucial in case your precious diamond ring goes missing, is stolen or gets damaged.

  • Man Examing Car

    Buying Your First Car?

    Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Buy

    Should you buy a new or second car hand? Have you set yourself a budget? Today’s blog looks at the questions you should ask yourself before buying your first car.

  • Two People Running

    Keep Your Resolve

    How to Keep Focused on Your Goals

    Deciding to take on a new challenge can be great. But sometimes we need extra motivation to stay on track. Read our helpful tips on achieving those new goals.

  • Couple Reading News

    In the News

    What We Read in January

    Did you know that the number of people traveling increased and the number of new buildings decreased by 36% in 2013? Today’s blog looks at these and more from January’s news.