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Smiling Child In Car Seat

Child Car Seat Safety

Safety Advice For The Winter

Planning on bringing children in your car during the winter months? We’ve got some suggestions on how to make sure they are safe and secure during the journey.

  • Sheep Holding Up Traffic

    8 Traffic Jam Distactions

    Things To Do If You Are Stuck In Traffic

    In 2010 China experienced a 12 day traffic jam. Although the chances of that happening in Ireland are slim here are 8 things to do if you are stuck in traffic.

  • How to prepare your car for the winter

    Prepare Your Car For Winter

    6 Things You Should Do To Be Prepared

    The winter brings with it a unique set of challenges for road users in Ireland. Make sure you are prepared by reading our 6 point guide to being road ready.

  • Car Driving On An Autumn Road

    6 Autumn Driving Hazards

    Dangers On The Road

    Autumnal driving brings its own unique set of potential driving hazards. We look at 6 common things you need to be prepared for at this time of the year.

  • Handshake After Agreeing A Price On Your Car Insurance After Haggling

    We Haggle For You

    4 tips to get cheaper car insurance

    Looking to save money on your car insurance? Have you considered haggling to get a great price? We look at how to haggle for better value car insurance.

  • serious-illness

    Serious Illness Insurance

    Why is it so important?

    Serious illness cover can be invaluable to people who are diagnosed with a serious illness within their lifetime as it can provide financial support for them and their loved ones.

  • Winners 2014 Best Financial Services Website Realex Webawards

    Best Financial Services Website

    2014 Realex Webaward Winners

    Chill Insurance has been chosen as Ireland’s best financial services website for 2014 at the recent Realex Webawards. These awards recognises Ireland’s best in class from over 1500 nominations.

  • Terrified-Gingerbread-Man-Afraid-Of-Car-Insurance-Renewal

    Insurance Shouldn't Be Scary

    Don't Get A Fright At Renewal Time

    Your pulse quickens, your heart beats faster and suddenly the blood rushes from your face. The thoughts of searching for a car insurance can be scary. But does it need to be?

  • Breast Cancer Awareness And Life Insurance

    Breast Cancer Awareness

    Statistics on the impact on Ireland

    October marks Irish cancer society’s annual Breast Cancer Awareness month which has the goal of raising awareness of the impact of this form of cancer on the country.

  • Race Preparation Interview With David Gillick

    David Gillick Q & A

    Dublin Marathon Build Up

    Our Life Insurance team sat down with David Gillick, Irish track and field legend as well as Masterchef champion, to talk to him about preparing for the Dublin Marathon.