Man Holding Non Irish Driving Licence

Non Irish Drivers Licence

Getting Insurance, Exchanging and Penalty Points

Do you hold a non Irish drivers licence? Read our quick guide to car insurance and what you need to do to exchange your licence for an Irish issued one.

  • Man Searching Online For Information On Insuring Imported Car

    Insuring an imported Car

    What You Should Check

    There were 54,290 used vehicles imported into Ireland in 2014. If you are planning to import a car in 2015 what does your insurer need to know?

  • Child Playing With Car That Has Broken Down

    Guide To Roadside Breakdown

    Best Practice on What To Do

    No one wants to be that person mentioned on the drive time traffic report for holding up traffic. If your car breaks down here are some best practices on what to do.

  • Man Setting House Alarm

    Explaining Home Alarms

    How Home Alarms Work

    When was the last time you thought about having a house alarm installed? During the winter there are, on average, 72 home break-ins per day, according to the CSO and Eurostat.

  • Person Activating Car Alarm

    All About Car Alarms

    All You Need To Know About Car Alarms

    Looking for different ways to lower your car insurance costs? Did you know that you could lower the cost of your car insurance cover by having a car alarm installed.

  • Happy New Year From Chill Insurance

    Happy New Year From Chill Insurance

    A review of 2014 for chill insurance

    Before 2015 begins we wanted to take a look back at 2014 and what happened during what was one of the busiest years yet for all involved with Chill Insurance.

  • Man Holding Jewellery As A Christmas Present

    Insuring Your New Christmas Jewellery

    Protecting That Precious Gift

    Did you get that special someone jewellery for Christmas? If so have did you also get them insured? Here is our guide to insuring your Christmas jewellery.

  • Gadget insurance On Multiple Device Types

    Gadget Insurance At Christmas

    Having Cover For Your New Smart Devices

    Did you get a smart device for Christmas? If something unexpected happens you might need to have it repaired or replaced. Gadget insurance can help with some of this cost.

  • Christmas Decorations With Santa And Raindeer

    Happy Christmas 2014

    Seasons greetings from the team

    Happy Christmas to all our customers from everyone here in Chill Insurance. With 2015 on the horizon we wanted to take this chance to send all of you warm holiday greetings

  • Man Demonstrating Dangers Of Christmas Lights

    5 Christmas Decoration Dangers

    Dangers in the home at Christmas time.

    Unattended Christmas trees and lights can cause issues such as fires and over heating of sockets. We got a list of 5 dangers that you need to be aware of.