Couple Searching For Home insurance

A Guide To Home Insurance

What is and isn’t included

Home insurance can be split into two areas. You can get separate cover for your contents and buildings. We look at each of these and the exclusions associated with them.

  • Disappointed Girl Looking Out Window Because Of Broken Down Car

    When To Replace Car Parts

    How To Know When It Might Be Time

    Keeping your car ticking over can involve checking car parts on a regular basis. To help, we’ve created a quick guide of when you might need to replace some car parts.

  • Person Holding Phone And Coffee While Driving

    Common Bad Driving Habits

    Recognise Any?

    We all develop bad driving habits during the years we spend behind the steering wheel. Identifying them is the first step towards eliminating them from your daily drive.

  • Happy Saint Patricks Day Message

    Saint Patrick's Opening Hours

    Have A Great Day

    Need to contact Chill Insurance over the Saint Patrick’s period? Here is some information about our opening hours over the bank holiday period.

  • Woman handing Over House Keys

    A Guide To Landlord Insurance

    What Cover Does It Provide

    Having landlord insurance is a priority for both you and your tenant as it provides you with cover should anything happen to the property you are renting out.

  • Man Standing Over His Drone While Investigating An Insurance Claim

    Drones and insurance claims

    What The Future Of Insurance Could Look Like

    A US insurer has lodged an appeal to be allowed to start testing the use of drones to investigate insurance claims. We look at how this development might change the insurance industry.

  • Smiling Girls Beside Their Car

    Do You Insure A Car Or A Person

    Who Gets Insured

    Have you ever wondered if the car insurance quote you get is based on the car or the owner? The short answer is actually a combination of both.