Cyber Insurance

Cyber Liability Insurance

Why your business needs it.

In 2013 it was reported that Cybercrime cost the Irish economy over €400 million and that there were 1,577 personal data security breaches. But what insurance can your business get against cyber attacks?

  • Saving Money By Bleeding Your Radiator

    How To Bleed Your Radiator

    How To Lower Energy Costs

    Trapped air in your radiators might be contributing to your heating system malfunctioning and thus an increase in your energy costs. Have you considered that it's time to bleed your radiators.

  • Taste Of Dublin Exclusive Christmas offer

    Taste Of Dublin Christmas Offer

    Exclusive VIP offer for Chill Insurance customers

    Searching for the ideal Christmas gift for that loved one in your life. Chill Insurance and Taste of Dublin are offering you an exclusive VIP package for their event in 2015.

  • Win A 151 Renault Megane

    Win a 151 Renault Megane

    You could drive away in a brand new 151 reg car!

    We’ve teamed up with Renault Ireland to give you the chance to win a brand new top of the range 151 Renault Mégane Expression. Read our blog to find out more.

  • Winter Service Offer From Chill Insurance And Renault Ireland

    Renault Winter Service Offer

    Get Your Car Serviced This Winter

    Renault Ireland is offering you a fantastic car service offer this winter. Not only will you get a car service for €99 you will also get free bulb and wiper blade replacement.

  • Children Using Tablet Devices To Search Online

    The House Of The Future

    What Futuristic Home Tech Will We Be Using

    The house of the future is here today thanks to the advent of Smart TVs and internet connected household devices. But what effect will future tech in the home have on insurance.

  • Woman Clearing Frost From Windscreen

    What to do in frosty weather

    Windscreen clearing and driving tips

    Sudden cold snaps can cause your car windscreen to freeze over and lead to dangerous driving conditions. Be prepared to deal with these issues with our simple guide to being prepared.

  • Car In Foggy Conditions

    How To Drive In Fog

    5 Things You Should And Shouldn't Do

    Fog can strike at any time which is why you pedestrians and drivers need to be vigilant. We’ve got 5 things that people should and shouldn’t do in foggy conditions.

  • Smiling Child In Car Seat

    Child Car Seat Safety

    Safety Advice For The Winter

    Planning on bringing children in your car during the winter months? We’ve got some suggestions on how to make sure they are safe and secure during the journey.

  • Sheep Holding Up Traffic

    8 Traffic Jam Distactions

    Things To Do If You Are Stuck In Traffic

    In 2010 China experienced a 12 day traffic jam. Although the chances of that happening in Ireland are slim here are 8 things to do if you are stuck in traffic.