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Ireland is a houseproud nation. Check out our latest eBook for insights into DIY habits, as well as current design trends and DIY tips.

  • change-habits

    How To Make New Habits Stick

    Simple Ideas For Self Improvement

    Making habits stick is difficult and many of us give them up all the time. But there are a few simple steps you can follow to make new behaviours become the norm.

  • growing-vegetables

    Easy Foods to Grow At Home

    Green Finger Ideas

    Growing vegetables at home is great fun and very easy. We highlight some of easiest plants to grow in your home.

  • buying-home-insurance

    How To Buy Home Insurance

    Simplifying Home Insurance

    To find the best home insurance policy for you, it pays to know what types of home insurance coverage are available and what level of protection you might need.

  • happy-baby

    Baby-Proofing Your Home

    Keep Your Little One Safe

    Explore our blog as we look into some simple baby-proofing hacks you can use to make your house as safe as possible for your baby.

  • car-value

    How To Value Your Car

    Get The Best ReSale Value For Your Vehicle

    Knowing how much to value your car can be tricky. But there are a few steps you can take to get the best estimate. Our blog explains more.