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  • cancelled-holiday-insurance

    Does Travel Insurance Cover Cancellation?

    Protect Your Holiday

    Most insurance policies include some kind of cancellation cover, but what does it mean and what does it actually cover you for? Chill Insurance have the answers.

  • replacing-flat-tyre

    How Far Can I Drive On A Spare Tyre?

    Safe Driving in Ireland

    If you get a puncture or other tyre problem while driving, your spare tyre can come to the rescue. But how long can you drive on a spare tyre, and do so safely?

  • images/gettyimages-467082669-170667a-compressor.jpg

    How Long Is The Ring Of Kerry?

    Scenic Route Guide

    The Ring of Kerry is a popular circular route based in Co. Kerry in the South West of Ireland. But how long will the route take you? Chill reveals the answer.

  • images/van.jpg

    Best Selling Vans in Ireland 2019

    Discover the five most popular models across the country

    With 2020 well and truly underway, we can be sure that many small and big business owners alike will be looking to upgrade their van for the new decade.

  • proposing

    10 Proposal Ideas for Women and Men

    Irish Engagement Ideas For Any Day Of The Year

    It’s not just February 29th that women can propose to men. Our blog looks at the top ten proposal ideas for men and women for any day of the year.