• charging-electric-car

    How Much To Charge An Electric Car

    Cost Per 100km Driven

    Charging an electric car at home can cost as little as €1.61 for a range of 100km. The costs can vary from car to car though and our blog explores the most efficient vehicles.

  • replacing-flat-tyre

    How Far Can I Drive On A Spare Tyre?

    Safe Driving in Ireland

    If you get a puncture or other tyre problem while driving, your spare tyre can come to the rescue. But how long can you drive on a spare tyre, and do so safely?

  • car-window-frost

    How To De-Ice Your Car

    Quick Tips For Frosty Mornings

    On frosty, icy mornings, it’s important to fully de-ice your car for visibility purposes. Here are our best de-icing methods.

  • blog-win

    Win A €500 Gift Voucher

    Enter Our Competition Today

    Enter the latest competition from Chill Insurance to win a gift voucher worth €500. Winner will be announced on 18th February!

  • van-valentines-s-compressor

    Valentine's Gifts Ideas For Van Drivers

    For the Van Driver In Your Life

    If the love of your life drives a van for a living, why not take some inspiration from these cool gadget ideas. Here we list our top 5 van gadget recommendations!

  • icy-road

    How To Drive In Icy Conditions

    Keep Safe On Roads

    Driving in the ice and snow is quite different to rain, and there are some things to keep in mind. Explore our top tips for driving in icy conditions.

  • driving-road

    What Do The Markings On A Road Mean?

    Refresh Your Knowledge

    Understanding what certain road markings mean could help to keep you safe when driving. Our blog explains what the white and yellow road lines mean.