Changing An Existing Travel Insurance Policy

Have a question about your travel insurance policy? Take a look at some of the most common questions that we get asked.

I need to amend the address or contact details on my policy. How can I do this?

If you need to amend the address or contact details on your travel insurance policy, please contact our Customer Service Department on 01 279 9989. We will be able to amend the details on your policy at no extra charge and also resend the amended documents to you by post or by e-mail.

Can I change the names of the insured persons on my policy before I travel?

If you need to amend the name of one of the travellers before you go, you can do so. Please note that we would need confirmation of the name change (for example, a marriage or Deed Poll certificate). We can only change the name of a traveller, if their new name is reflected on their passport and we are unable to replace travellers with another person. Please contact us by phone on 01 279 9989 if you wish to amend a traveller's name.

Can I extend my cover while I’m away?

Yes, you can extend the cover on your travel insurance policy while you're away, providing there are no pending claims against the policy and the extended period sought does not exceed any of our trip limits. Policies can be extended only once and you will need to pay an additional premium for the extended cover. If you need to extend your policy, please contact us by phone on01 279 9989.