John Riordan

Head of Information Services

Hi, I am the Head of Information Services for Chill Insurance and have over 20 years corporate experience working for several multinational companies in the UK, Ireland and the Caribbean/US region. My background is in IT, Finance and Business Operations and I have held several Senior Management and Director level roles. Recent roles included Business Optimization & Procurement Director for Digicel Group. Prior to this, I was CIO for Digicel Group.

I am responsible for our ICT infrastructure and applications architecture. Our ICT strategy and operations are key to our business and is an area of high investment for us. We consider applications development and integration as one of our strengths.

Our innovation in this area is key to our business model. Our website is one of the more visible flagships of this innovation. The website has attracted several awards and we work very closely with our Marketing & Sales teams to make it the industry leading site that it is.