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Remuneration Policy

Chill Insurance Limited

This extract from the terms of business sets out the terms of the remuneration policy. The full Terms of Business is available and sets out the terms under which Chill Insurance Limited t/a Chill Insurance (Chill Insurance) will provide insurance services to you.

Please ensure that you read through the full terms of business document carefully. If you require further clarification regarding any matter we will be happy to deal with your queries. These terms shall apply to any service provided to you by Chill Insurance and will remain in force until further notice. They also contain details of our regulatory and statutory obligations and the respective duties of both Chill Insurance and you in relation to such services. Please note that by proceeding with your Chill Insurance quotation or policy you agree to the terms as laid out in this Terms of Business document.

By accepting these Terms of Business you acknowledge that you have read and understand them; and you have read and understand the information contained within your chosen quotation and/or policy, which is also contractually binding on you.

Chill Insurance Limited t/a Chill Insurance, Chill Insurance House, Ravenscourt Office Park, Dublin 18 Tel: 01 4003400 Fax: 01 2799851, Email: Web site: ("our Website") is an insurance intermediary.

Remuneration Policy

Chill Insurance is remunerated by a professional fee for the initial work and time spent in seeking the most suitable terms, product and insurance company for your specific needs. An administration fee is also charged for the activity involved in the renewal of the policy and any alterations that take place during and at termination of a policy. Our fees are outlined below. We are usually remunerated by commission received from insurance companies for work involved in placing an order and finalising the product on your behalf and for the provision of advice regarding life and non life business.

Commission is deemed fully earned by Chill Insurance at inception and/or renewal of every policy. Chill Insurance may be in receipt of override commissions from Insurers, details of which are available on request. The amount of commission receivable by Chill Insurance under any non-life policy of insurance is available on request. Fees are charged on the under noted scale, and cover the sourcing of the product, administration costs, claims handling and standard advice on product placement. Clients may pay in full for the service provided by means of a fee which will be agreed, in writing, with the client by Chill Insurance in advance of the provision of service. The amount of any commission received by Chill Insurance will not be deducted from any fee payable. All prices quoted by Chill Insurance are inclusive of 5% Government Levy, where applicable.

Non-Life Personal Insurance:

Non-Life Personal Insurance:Fee
* New Business & Renewal Set up Charge Up to €100
Policy Amendment or Cancellation Charge Up to €50
Duplicate documentation Up to €25

Non-Life Commercial and/or Business Insurance:

Non-Life Commercial and/or Business Insurance:
New Business & Renewal Set up Charge up to 50% of premium subject to a minimum of €50
Policy Amendment or Cancellation Charge up to 30% of premium subject to a minimum of €30
Duplicate documentation up to €25

Where separate premium finance agreements are arranged for you via a premium finance provider we may earn additional commission of up to 6% of the annual premium. Should there be a default of a direct debit payment, Chill Insurance will charge a fee for recovery of the defaulted payment of up to €25. In the event that the loan is to be reinstated following a default, a charge of up to €40 will be applied.

* Please note the New Business and Renewal standard set up charge is non refundable.

Life Assurance:

In respect of life assurance protection contracts we are remunerated by commission paid by the life company If a policy is being taken out with Chill Insurance to replace an existing policy not in the agency of Chill, we are not responsible for the cancellation of the existing policy or any overlap of premium that may occur when the new policy is put in place with the chosen life company. A client must organise the cancellation with the Life company involved directly or with the broker who is named on the existing policy. All premiums quoted on application are quoted on the basis a client is accepted at standard rates and quotes are only valid for 7 days.

Terms of Business valid from: October 2018

Chill Insurance Limited t/a Chill Insurance is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

Registered No. 506021.