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When young drivers get their first cars, they are usually faced with a steep insurance premium. Whether it’s fair or not, most insurance companies tend to regard young people as a big risk, making them charge extra for standard car insurance premiums.

Named driver insurance is one way you can reduce cover costs. At this point, you’re probably thinking ‘What on earth is named driver insurance?’ but you don’t need to worry because we at Chill Insurance will help you find your way through confusing industry jargon and get the right policy for you

How it Works

Named driver insurance involves inexperienced first time drivers having an experienced, older motorist – often a parent or elder sibling – added to their insurance policy, making that person the ‘named driver’. Having this person listed helps to reduce the risk you present, meaning you should be offered a lower premium by insurance companies.

It’s not just young people who should think about named driver insurance. Anyone who doesn’t own a vehicle but sometimes drives one belonging to someone else still legally needs to be insured so becoming the named driver on their policy can be the most cost effective way of doing that.

Reducing the Hassle

Every person’s situation is different and there are lots of insurance providers offering varying named driver insurance policies but this is where we at Chill Insurance can make things easier for you. We are one of the largest car insurance brokers in Ireland and can compare policies from a number of different insurers. The only thing you need to do is put your details into our website’s quick quote tool. Then you can relax and let us to do the hard work, giving you information in simple terms about the various policies available to you.

Classy Customer Service

Hopefully, you will never need to claim on your policy, but if the worst comes to the worst, we will make that process as painless as possible. If you are coping with the aftermath of a car accident, theft or loss, you certainly don’t need the claims process to add to your problems. At Chill Insurance, we get this and that is why our claims service is focused on achieving the right result for our customers, simply and quickly.

If all this sounds like a good thing to you, why not grab yourself a quick online quote or phone our qualified and friendly staff for further information?

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