Landlord Insurance FAQs

Cover for Your Buildings

What is Landlord Insurance?

This type of cover is designed for people who own a property and may have previously had difficulty getting cover for it, due to the type of building, what it’s being used for or the group using it.

What does it cover?

Landlord Insurance can provide cover for your Buildings, Contents, Fixtures and Fittings, Loss of Rent, Alternative Accommodation, Public Liability, and Employers Liability.

What type of building does a policy cover?

A Landlord Insurance policy is ideal for a range of buildings including multi-usage residential, mixed residential and commercial units, as well as commercial or retail property, offices, restaurants, takeaways, cafes and pubs. It also includes properties that are vacant, unoccupied, under renovation, for sale and vacant purchase. In addition, we can provide cover for local authority and RAS let properties, as well as standard, purpose built and period construction. Buildings that are listed, unlisted, period and protected property, or those with social welfare or student tenancies can also avail of cover.