How Young Drivers Can Save Money

Learn How To Drive For Cheaper

If you're a young driver, looking for cheap car insurance can seem like a long and bumpy road. Having got to grips with the gear stick, perfected parallel parking and mastered the motorway, you want to be thinking about the open road, not worrying about the sometimes eye-watering cost of cover.

Unfortunately, young and inexperienced drivers fall into the high-risk to insure category as they typically have the most, high value claims. It's enough to drive you around the bend; so to make things easier we've listed some top tips to help lower the cost of your premium. That's why we're the good guys of insurance.

Pick a Sensible Car

We always recommend that you pick a car which is sensible for your level of experience. A car with a small engine will often fall into a lower risk group and will typically be cheaper to insure than a sports car with a large engine.

Add a named driver

By adding someone else to your policy who is viewed as less of a risk, such as a parent or older sibling you can often reduce the cost of your premium. There are other criteria to consider, but as long as the additional driver has not made a claim or gained any penalty points you could save.

Don't Modify Your Car

Young drivers often want to stamp their personality on new cars by modifying them with body kits and alloy wheels. Whilst these modifications can help you create the boy racer look, they come at a cost and will often increase the price of car insurance as these vehicles are more likely to make a claim.

Increase your excess

One of the best ways to reduce your premium is by increasing the amount you're willing to pay in the event of a claim. Although, increasing your excess will lower the amount you spend at the beginning, it's really important to select an amount you can afford.

Step-up security

Increasing the security for your vehicle is a great way to lower the chances of a claim and decrease the cost of your premium. Small steps such as parking your car in a garage overnight and installing an alarm can make a big difference to the cost of your policy.

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