5 Winter House Warming Tips

Keeping Your Home Warm This Winter

winter warming tipsWith the chilly season fast approaching, many of us will be putting on our winter woollies, turning up the thermostat, and trying to keep warm. But winter can also be a time when costs for gas, electric, and oil heating start to shoot up. Especially when compared to the summer months when the heating dial is barely touched and gathering dust. Making sure the heating hasn't been left on or if the immersion as been on all day can be a full time job during the winter.

So our Chill experts have come up with some simple hints and tips for you so you can keep the fire going, and the house heated, while not burning a hole in your pocket.

Fancy a switch?
By shopping around, you may find a cheaper rate to keep your home warmer during the winter. This can be done over the phone, or online, and is as easy as flicking a switch. Why not visit www.uswitch.ie where you can compare, among others, gas and electric prices. The site allows you to compare a range of providers so you can see how much you could potentially save on your bills.
Is it a little Chill-y?
Do you find your house is a little windy? On average, a household can lose up to 20% of its heat due to draughts and poor ventilation. It’s a good idea to draught-proof your home. Why not purchase draught excluders for the doors and windows to keep the cold out? Hanging up heavy insulated curtains can be another cost cutter. So don’t freeze, seal up that breeze!
Use Tin Foil.
As odd as it sounds this is a handy way to reduce costs on your heating bill. Placing tin foil behind the radiators in your home can help to reflect the heat back into the room, rather than it escaping though the walls. By doing this you can turn down the thermostat by a few degrees. Most hardware stores sell insulating foil or material for relatively cheap. If looking to save even more, using standard household tin foil will work just as good.
Is that fire worth it?
Although having an open fire can keep you nice and toasty, as much as 90% of its heat is lost straight away through the chimney. Open fires can also increase draughts in the home so why not fill the chimney with a chimney balloon to prevent loss of heat? A Chimney Balloon is reusable all year round and are a DIY product meaning installation is simple and efficient. It is important however to know whether your chimney has a lined or unlined flue in advance of installation.
Check the floors
Floors can account for nearly 15% of heat loss according to www.seai.ie. As floorboards and skirting can contract and expand with every day use it is a good idea to check them for gaps. By sealing gaps, using a silicon-based sealant, you can stand to save 1% of total heating fuel costs. Alternatively, why not invest in some floor rugs. Not only do they add colour to a room but they also have the added bonus of keeping your feet warm.

At Chill we know that picking the best deal for you on your home insurance can save you time and money. Making sure your home is energy efficient means one less thing for you to worry about during the winter. Why not call our Customer Service team on 01 4003400 to hear about our great deals on home insurance cover.