Useful Tips Around The House

5 Helpful Home Tips


Are you fed up with not knowing how to fix those regular annoyances around the house? Below, we provide some tips that may prove useful the next time you find yourself breaking a glass or getting rid of those dreaded fruit flies.

Cleaning Broken Glass

After a glass breaks, the shards that scatter around the room can be quite difficult to pick up. We recommend taking some wet cloth or wetting a cotton ball and carefully dabbing it around the area which will mop up any tiny shards.

Fixing A Puncture

With cycle to work schemes and more and more competitive cyclists on the road, a handy thing to know is how to fix a small puncture. First, remove the tube from the tire and put it into a bowl of water. If there is a puncture, bubbles will arise in the water, allowing you to identify the location. Secondly, dry the area thoroughly and mark the area with a piece of chalk. Finally, we recommend you get a puncture repair kit which will allow you to plaster over the puncture with the appropriate tools.

Fruit Flies

Every summer, fruit flies come buzzing around our fresh fruit and not only ruin their colourful display, but their ripeness and texture too. A simple tip to reduce the amount of fruit flies in your home is taking a small glass and filling it half way with apple cider vinegar and 2 drops of dish washing liquid. The flies will be attracted to the smell of the cup and be gone forever!

Tangled Wires

Whether it is your office workspace or behind the TV, tangled wires can often be the bane of our existence. What’s more, tangled wires are a safety hazard and may cause electricity failure. We recommend labelling each wire with masking tape so that they are easily identified and you save yourself time trying to figure out which is the correct wire to unplug.

The Pencil Trick

A common household annoyance is when house keys keep getting stuck in the door. The sticky key can cause frustration which may even result in the key being snapped and the locksmith being called. An easy tip to remember is simply getting a pencil and drawing a line along both sides of the key, to help it turn smoothly. Similarly, the same trick can be used on any clothes zips that get stuck.

We hope that these tips prove useful and you can put them into practice around the home. We also offer tips on how to reduce your home insurance premium, check out our infographic here. If you would like to find out more about our home insurance products, you can give us a call on 01 4003400.