Travelling Safely to a Festival

Tips to Bear in Mind

music festivalFestival season is well and truly here with lots of exciting events taking place up and down the country. Whether you’re off to your first festival or fiftieth, it’s always a great idea to familiarise yourself with safety tips before you leave. After all, you can never be too prepared.

Have an early night
Lets face it, at a festival you're probably not going to get good quality sleep, eat healthy food or drink lots of water, so the best preparation is to make sure that you have an early night and get some rest before you hit the road.
Give your car the once over
There’s a few things you can do to ensure your road trip runs as smoothly as possible. For instance, make sure your tyres are fully pumped, the tank is full of petrol and the engine has enough oil. There always seem to be Garda checkpoints along the way so we suggest you have your tax, NCT and insurance disc on display too.
Don’t overload your vehicle
It’s never a good idea to overload your car. You should only ever look to bring necessities to a festival, otherwise you’ll soon find that your motor is weighed down and more difficult to control, which could end up damaging your vehicle.
Drive in the day
There’s more risk travelling at night, so we’d advise where possible that you get on the road during the daylight hours. That's because at night time it’s more difficult to spot potential hazards, visibility is a lot worse and you may also feel tired behind the wheel.
Take a break
If you’re driving and feel a bit tired or drowsy, stop and have a break. A lot of crashes occur from drivers falling asleep or losing concentration, so it’s not worth taking the risk. We recommend taking a break at least every two hours.

Before you park your car at a festival, you may also want to take a look at our car security tips. If you’re looking to insure your gadgets before a festival, hit Get a Quote now.