Top Sea Swim Locations In Ireland

Swims To Take Your Breath Away


Swimming in the sea is something that has really kicked off in recent years and is forever growing in popularity. Taking the plunge into the sea brings a vast array of mental and physical health benefits, including boosting your immune system and circulation.

If you are looking to take up sea swimming or to explore a new location, take a few minutes to read through our top sea swimming spot recommendations.

The Forty Foot, Dublin

The Forty Foot would be considered as one of Ireland’s best known swimming spots. The Forty Foot is located in Dún Laoghaire and is easily reached by car, train, bus or bike. Christmas day dips at the Forty Foot have become a longstanding Dublin tradition. Though you will find people launching themselves from the rocks into the water from sunrise to sunset all year round the-forty-foot

Pollock Holes, Clare

The Pollock Holes is one of the most incredible places along the Wild Atlantic Way and is home to a variety of marine life. It is often recommended to go swimming within an hour or two of low tide which allows you to see the crystal clear water that the tidal pools have to offer.kilkee

Salthill, Galway

The Blackrock diving tower (pictured at top of blog) is one of Galway’s most iconic landmarks which allows swimmers to take the plunge into the Atlantic. This diving tower and the surrounding sea is a popular spot that brings in crowds of people throughout the summer months. It has a fantastic atmosphere but probably not the best spot if you’re looking for a quiet peaceful swim.

Dun Laghaoire Baths, Dublin

Located just up the road from the Forty Foot are the newly renovated Dun Laghaoire Baths. After falling derelict in 1997, the site has remained idle for several years. However, after a successful rebuilding project the site was substantially rebuilt in December 2022. With more phases of the project to be completed, this site is sure to be a top swim spot.

In addition to this, there is a theatre located on the Baths where musicians and actors will often perform. It is a wonderful way to experience Irish culture and the views of Dublin bay will take your breath away!

Rougey Rocks, Donegal

This stunning swimming spot is located just north of Bundoran in Donegal. Walking along the Rougey Rocks cliff walk will bring you to a pair of sea stacks that lean out over a thin deep inlet, making it an ideal diving spot. Rougey Rocks has one of the last remaining springboards in Ireland which draws in the crowds that come and test their bravery by jumping off the ledge.

Carrick-a-Rede, Antrim

Swimming under the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge is without a doubt an item to add to the bucket list. The swim is a kilometre long and allows you to explore the Causeway Coast in a different and exciting way. You’ll be able to hear the screams and cheers of tourists overhead as they cross the famous rope bridge. The views from the water are breath taking however due to the tidal currents and rocky surrounds it is only recommended for stronger swimmers.carrick-a-rede

Solomon’s Hole, Wexford

Solomon’s Hole at Hook head is a natural salt-water pool which is completely surrounded by rock. With its abundance of sea life and remarkable geology, Hook Head is one of the top places in Ireland for scuba diving as well as swimming.

Getting Started

There’s no better time than the present to start swimming.

If you are thinking of making the plunge into the sea remember to be safe. Know your limits when it comes to spending time in the water and warm up slowly when you get out. Consider swimming with a swim buoy for added protection and always tell your family/friends before you head out into the water. Make sure to bring plenty of warm clothes to wrap yourself up with when you get out and don’t forget to bring a hot drink to enjoy.

We hope you have enjoyed our blog on Ireland’s top sea swimming locations. Swimming in the sea can be an enjoyable activity and the perfect way to boost your endorphins. At Chill, we are all about celebrating and enjoying the good things in life. If you would be interested in receiving a quote for life insurance, please call our dedicated team on 014003400 or get a Quick Quote at the top of this page.