Tips for Keeping Your Car Cool This Summer

Stay Cool Behind The Wheel


Your car can heat up drastically if left in the sunlight for any amount of time during the summer months. We have put together our top tips for preventing your car from feeling something like an oven!

1. Find Somewhere in the Shade

Your car will heat up very quickly if parked in the direct summer sun. Try to find somewhere shaded to park such as under trees or in a covered car park. Even if it means parking a little further from your destination finding being greeted by a cool car will definitely be worth it.

2. Turn Around!

If you are unable to find somewhere shaded to park your car turn it around so that most of the sunlight is directed into the back of the car. This will keep your steering wheel and driver’s seat cooler.

3. Use a Sun Shade

Sun shades are foldable covers for your windshield. Place your sun shade over your windshield once you have parked your car and this will reflect sunlight from heating up your car.

4. Use a Dash Cover

The dashboard is the part of your car interior which is exposed to the greatest amount of sunlight. Using a dash cover will absorb a lot of this heat and reduce the air temperature in the car.

5. Cover Your Steering Wheel

If you have to park your car in the shade cover your wheel with a towel. When you return to your car and take this towel off you will find the steering wheel less hot.

6. Fan the Doors

When you return to your car (and if it is in a safe location to do so) open the passenger window. Then go over to the driver-side door and fan it open and closed a number of times. This will create a vacuum of low pressure which will push the hot air out and suck cool air into the car.

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