Taking Back Control of Your Home Insurance

You Have More Choice


Are you frustrated with your home insurance? It’s one of those things that we need more so than want which invariably means we don’t want to fork out our hard earned money on it. But although you may want to avoid getting it, home insurance is something you need to have to protect your home should anything unexpected happen to your homestead. But instead of being told this is the home cover you have to settle for, shouldn’t you be able to choose the cover you get? Isn’t it time that you took back control of your home insurance.

Choice plays an important part in most decisions we have to make in life. The smallest decision can sometimes have a big impact on your life and finances. The same can be said for our home insurance, sticking with the same insurer year after year could be costing you more money than you might imagine. But does it ever feel like you have limited options to actually choose from when you are searching for home cover?

What Can You Do?

You might not think it but you actually have a lot more control over your home insurance than you realised. At Chill, we like to think that home insurance is part of the two P’s of insurance, Protection and Preparation. It prepares your home should anything happen and protects you from the unexpected costs you might encounter from unexpected events.

Did you know that you don’t have to settle for the first quote you are given by an insurer. And if you already have cover you can actually switch cover come renewal time. Yes, choosing home insurance has an element of uncertainty about it. Will you really ever need it, how much will it cost you to get the cover you need, can you get cover without breaking the bank? But for many of us, the real uncertainty around home insurance usually starts during the purchasing process. Insurance can seem ambiguous and your quote can change between insurers making you feel like the decision is out of your control. But rest assured you can control the whole process yourself using a combination of instinct and information.

How To Take Back Control

The first thing you have to remember when trying to take back control of your home insurance is that YOU are in charge. Although you may have a policy with your current insurer this doesn’t mean that you are locked in with them for life. You are allowed to switch insurers, so why don’t you? The National consumer agency (NCA), or the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) as of October 2014, suggested that consumers stood to save upwards of €400 on their home insurance cover by doing just that, switching their policy. They even suggested that of those people who did switch cover, 83% of them found the process to be relatively easy and stress free. Switching your cover providers, although it may appear daunting, is something that can take you less time than you might imagine.

How To Do It

There are a few tried and trusted ways to switch your home cover that aren’t time consuming and give you the results you want in about 30 minutes. Some of these can include

  • Calling your current insurer and discussing your renewal quote with them directly.
  • Going online and checking your cover with various insurers.

There is a third option that may take up even less time, and that is using a broker. A broker works with a number of different insurers so they can help you take back control of your home insurance. In most cases all you need to do is give them your information once and they will search for the ideal cover for you from their bank of insurers. This is where instinct and information comes into play. After you have all the information about the type, and price, of the cover available to you, its time to use your instinct to choose the one you think best suits your needs. You can choose based on price, benefits or even their customer service. The great thing is that because brokers work with a number of insurers, you can switch insurers annually but not have to worry about sending in your paperwork each time. You have control of the decision so choose the cover YOU actually want.

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At Chill, we’re here to help you take back control of your home insurance. Our quick quote makes the process as pain free as possible. It takes less than 60 seconds to enter your details to get a quick quote from a number of different home insurers. Potentially saving you time and money in one and simple quick search. Why not try it today to see how easy it is to use.