Slim Down Your Premium

Car Insurance Workout

people-at-gymAt the start of each year many of us make resolutions and set personal goals for the 12 months ahead. One of the most common goals that people set is to try and shed a few pounds and get in shape! At Chill we think you should do the same with your insurance premium.

If you feel that your insurance policy is a bit bloated or could do with losing a few euros, then read on! We've spoken to some of the leading lights at Chill to come up with a definitive list of tips to get your car insurance policy working harder for you.

Come to work on public transport
This tip is fantastic for both your waistline and wallet! Did you know that some insurers now offer discounts to people who travel to work on public transport? All you need to do is have some proof in the form of a tax-saver commuter ticket or travel pass and you could save.
Choose your car type wisely
If you can't take the bus or train into work, then make sure you spend some time choosing the right car. Remember more expensive cars and especially those with larger engines will most likely result in a higher premium.
Only let covered drivers use your vehicle
We strongly recommend you only have drivers added to your policy who absolutely need to drive. Where possible, restrict the policy to yourself only or you and your spouse. Remember, some private car policies provide cover to the policy holder to drive other cars on a Third Party only basis, provided they don't own or have the car hired to them. If you're allowing someone to drive your car under their policy, be sure to check their insurance certificate to ensure they are covered.
Slim down your valuation
We always advise that you estimate the value of your vehicle as accurately as possible. If your estimation is very high, this will most likely be reflected in the cost of your premium.

If you're looking to lower down the cost of your premium or grab cheap motor insurance, give one of our team a call now on 01 4003400.