Selling Your Car?

How to Take Professional Car Photo's Yourself


How To Take The Best Picture

The importance of using the right kind of image to sell your car can’t be underestimated. Poor, or sub-standard, photos can make your car less appealing to potential buyers. Catching the buyer’s attention with an image that is engaging and sells your car is now more important than ever due to the number of cars on the market.

Taking the best picture of your car is something you can do without having to get an up market SLR camera or a professional to do it for you.

Here Are Our Tips

  • Wash your car. Make sure it is clean and the wheels are looking great.
  • Roll up your windows to give your car a solid look.
  • There is a reason why you see photographers taking images at certain times of the day. We suggest that you take your image in the golden hour. This is hour around when the sun is rising and setting. Taking pictures at other times in the day or at night can give the image a bad effect
  • Take the image in your drive way, isolated location or empty car park. This will ensure your car is the sole focus of the image.
  • Take multiple images as the more images you have will increase the chances of selling your car. The optimum number of images is usually 5. 3 of the outside, 1 inside and 1 of the engine.
  • Take the image at eye level.
  • Clean your car both inside and out.
  • Get creative with the angles
  • Try doing some research online in advance. You might find some images you want to copy and you might be able to talk to the photographers themselves.

Those are just some of our tips on how to take the best picture of your car if you trying to sell it yourself. With the number of websites and trade magazines out there it can be easy for your car to get lost but hopefully our quick how to list will give you some ideas of how to make your car stand out from the crowd.