Protect your Gadgets On Holiday

4 Tips on keeping your gadgets safe on holiday

protect your gadgets on holidaysGoing on holidays to sunnier climes in the next few weeks? Here are our 4 top tips to keeping your favourite gadgets in great condition on your summer vacation.


Soaking Up The Sun

  • As the days are bright and the sun is out, everyone is looking to soak up the sun. Try to keep your gadget out of the sun as much as possible. Gadgets are not made for the heat and worst case scenario is that they could shut down if it’s too hot.


At The Beach

  • Firstly, get a waterproof cover for your phone. While you may not plan on getting into the water, liquid damage to gadgets is one of the most accidental damaged claimed for. There are plenty of waterproof case options available depending on your budget and don’t overlook ziplock bags as a great alternative.
  • Secondly, never leave your gadget unattended even for a moment as you can never be too careful.
  • Thirdly, keep in mind that sand and gadgets don’t mix so keep your phones/tablets/e-readers off the ground as much as possible.


Packing For Travel

  • Try to limit the gadgets that you take with you down to the necessities. This is a good thing to remember in case your luggage gets lost or some items get damaged while on holidays. (It’s also a great way to avoid having to do work on your holiday)
  • Each device should be taken on a case by case basis so if you are going to be doing a lot of travelling in the future, for work or pleasure, then it might be an idea to invest in a travel bag that is designed to be used to transport laptops or other smart devices.


Battery Life

Have you ever noticed that your devices battery is nearly drained by the middle of the day on your holiday compared to when you are at home? There are a few simple hacks to ensure your battery lasts a little longer.

  • Try turning off unnecessary apps that you don’t need to use as this eats up battery life quickly.
  • Secondly, adjust the brightness on your phone. Although adjusting the brightness may not be a long term fix, it does help reduce the drain on the battery and may help it last somewhat longer than usual.
  • Thirdly, try to avoid constantly check your emails or uploading your latest meal to Instagram as this can have an effect on battery life.
  • Identify locations where you have good reception or where you can get free Wi-Fi. Turn your phone to airplane mode as this only allows you to connect to Wi-Fi which will save your battery life and on roaming charges.

A number of years ago I invested in a portable battery that you can charge via USB. It is great for taking on your holidays or even long weekend trips down the country. One caveat is that it mightn’t charge your tablet device so check the spec before you make a purchase.


Final Tip

Always remember to have your gadgets insured. We're all guilty of taking a few "Selfies" and "Usies" by the pool side or outside famous attractions but before you head off on your flight make sure you have your holiday and gadget cover in place.

Protecting your gadgets on holiday can be something that we are all guilt of overlooking but hopefully some of the above simple hacks might save you having to replace your prized processions when you get back from your trip away.