No Better Time To Take Out Life Insurance

Rising Rents Highlight Importance


Are you currently renting with your partner or children who are financially dependant on you and your income? With soaring rents across Dublin and the country, it is becoming more and more important to have life cover in place regardless of where you might be on the property ladder.

Historically renters have tended to shy away from life insurance but with rents increasing rapidly, there is a growing need to have life insurance in place.

Changing Lifestyles

Prior to the recent economic collapse, the general consensus was that the rental market was primarily for the likes of students and young workers in their 20’s. However, with soaring house prices, it is becoming more difficult for families to jump onto the property ladder and many couples are now settling down to raise their families in rented accommodation.

Rents At Record Highs

In the past, couples may have been able to struggle through if one half of a couple lost their income. But with rents at record levels, couples will find it increasingly difficult to meet rental payments if one half of a couple loses their income through illness, disability or death.

If the worst were to happen tomorrow and you could no longer work due to a serious illness or god forbid death, how would you and your family cope financially not only with crippling rent prices but with day to day expenses such as bills and childcare costs? You insure your car, your home and your phone so why not offer protection for you and your family.

One of the great benefits of taking out insurance at a younger age is that it will be cheaper for you further down the line. We now live in a rent generation and life cover can be just as important as mortgage protection.

Start Saving Today

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