Naming Your Business Website

5 Point Guide To Choosing A Website Name

searching-domain-names-for-business-insurance-smallWith over 82% of internet searches beginning on mobile devices it is apparent the current Irish consumer is more digital savvy than previous generations. With such a large number of people searching online the main barrier for success for some business is how they can be found by the consumer.

A great way to ensure you are found by your customers is by having a website name that is easy to advertise and memorable. If you are one of the many SME’s in Ireland who are thinking of moving online then you will want to make sure your business domain and company name represent what you do and who you are.

Here are 5 points we think might be useful for you to think about when you are choosing the name of your website such as doing your research in advance, being brand aware and keeping it short and sweet.


Short And Sweet

There is a reason why Google, Bing, Twitter and a host of other sites have short names. Having a short name ensures that you avoid customer misspelling or confusion when they are searching for you. Not only this but short names allow you to make full use of your name both offline and online through business cards and social media.



Before you think of choosing your website name put yourself in your customers shoes. Start off by writing down the top 5 words that you think people will be searching for when they are looking for your business. Play around with some combinations of these words until you find something that you think sells your business but is also memorable. Once you have made a choice make sure you do a search online to make sure someone else hasn’t already registered the name.


Be Brand Aware

Using business keywords or phrases can help you rank higher when people are searching for you online. But a key point to remember is that it should match up with your brand identity. We chose as we felt it represented the Chill brand. We believe that Insurance doesn’t need to be difficult and that as an independent Irish broker we can take the hassle out of searching for you while you chill knowing you are in great hands.


Avoid Hyphens

It is very seldom that you come across a business website that has a hyphen in the title. Try to avoid using one in your name. Once more think about the offline aspect of using hyphens in your domain name as they can cause some confusion when potential customers are writing them down.


Ie Or Not Ie, That Is The Question

The eternal battle between choosing .com or .ie will rage on for years to come depending on which expert you read. Although we don’t advise on which is better for your business there are some benefits, as an Irish SME, to having .ie over .com. A .ie domain tells people that you are an Irish company and thus local to the market. If you are targeting the local Irish market then choosing a .ie domain ensures that you can be found in searches within the Irish market. If you have aspirations to break into other markets make sure you register the varying domains and renew them each year.

We hope that our quick tips on choosing your new website domain are useful in helping you crack the ever growing Irish internet market. With more businesses choosing to move online due to the reduced costs involved it is important to stand out in your field and having a great domain name is one way to do so.